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Fantom ($FTM) And BudBlockz ($BLUNT) To Set New All-Time High In 2023, Here’s Why

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Throughout their time within the crypto space, most projects will typically never pass an initially set all-time high (ATH) point unless there’s a massive bullish run in the entire industry.

A cryptocurrency will reach an all-time high (ATH) point of value and dip afterward. 

However, some projects still need to live by this rule, as they are a part of an ever-evolving industry and can potentially exceed expectations in terms of growth throughout the next decade.

Today, we will look at two projects: Fantom ($FTM) and BudBlockz ($BLUNT).

The All-Time High Value and Its Importance

The all-time high (ATH) value for a cryptocurrency refers to the point at which it has reached its highest-ever value on a cryptocurrency exchange. 

It represents the maximum value or price a trader will pay to buy the cryptocurrency at a given time.

If you visit just about any price-tracking website or cryptocurrency exchange and view the pricing history, you can find the all-time high of a cryptocurrency listed there.

However, most cryptocurrencies reach their peak and fall afterward, but numerous examples have managed to replicate and even pass their historical success.

Fantom ($FTM) and Its Growth Potential

Fantom is a decentralized and permissionless, open-source platform that has been purpose-built for the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and for developers to be able to launch digital assets. 

Its unique consensus mechanism, known as Lachesis, is the main way it stands out. Fantom features smart contract support and offers a variety of different tools which can make it simple and effective for developers to integrate any existing dApps, create new ones, and even get engaged in a striking rewards system with built-in decentralized finance (DeFi) tools.

$FTM is the native cryptocurrency across the broader Fantom ecosystem and can be used for staking or governance. It can even be used for the payment of network fees.

Fantom’s value is hovering around the $0.24 price range. However, the cryptocurrency has enormous growth potential and can reach and even pass its previous ATH because it offers a high level of utility for blockchain developers. 

BudBlockz ($BLUNT) and Its Growth Potential

BudBlockz is an e-commerce platform that gives users access to the cannabis market, an industry previously not as accessible or as available as it is today. Due to using blockchain technology at its back end, anyone can buy, sell, trade, and even invest in products within the cannabis space with BudBlockz.

Experts predict the industry can climb to $176.5 billion in terms of global market cap throughout the next ten years, so $BLUNT is a part of a rapidly growing industry.

The $BLUNT cryptocurrency is hovering around the $0.046 price range and can climb to a new all-time high and reach new heights throughout the rest of the year and beyond. 

A possibility such as this one exists for the cryptocurrency as BudBlockz is a part of one of the largest-growing industries out there, the cannabis industry, and has a vast ecosystem featuring fractional ownership of cannabis-based products or corporations.

Additionally, $BLUNT is used as a medium of exchange between individuals and cannabis corporations, such as dispensaries, farms, CBD manufacturers, or any other partner of BudBlockz that’s featured on the e-commerce store. 

Purchase or learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: https://budblockz.io/

Presale Registration:: https://app.budblockz.io/sign-up 

BudBlockz Community Links: https://linktr.ee/budblockz

Table of Contents


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