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Free Crypto on Coinbase: Tuition Fee on Coinbase Earn

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Coinbase launched the Coinbase Earn program in 2018, where members can earn cryptocurrency by watching videos and taking tests.

The key idea of ​​the Coinbase Earn project is to allow users better to understand the technologies inherent in the digital asset. Study it in a fun and straightforward way, and get a certain amount of coins to try out.

So everyone can acquaint themselves with cognitive training materials. And learn more about the principles of their work and get a reward for this a certain amount of moment to check how the asset works in practice.

Today, Coinbase Earn is a platform that solves many practical user questions and opens blockchain to new categories of users. It is also an excellent opportunity to get famous and promising cryptocurrencies for free. Initially, the platform could obtain only 0x tokens for free. It added such profitable cryptocurrencies as XLM, ZEC, BAT, EOS, and ZRX. The list is constantly updated.

The leaders of the Coinbase exchange hope that the Earn project will help introduce a new group of users to the blockchain who would like to learn more about cryptocurrencies. So far, due to a lack of knowledge, they are afraid to invest in them.

Coinbase Earn provides users with the ability to earn cryptocurrencies with simple clicks from a PC or smartphone.

How it works:

  1. Coinbase Earn is releasing a simple instructional video for users to learn more about cryptocurrencies.
  2. After each video clip, users are invited to take a survey to check and consolidate their knowledge.
  3. For each survey completed, the user will receive the reward stipulated by the rules to their Coinbase Wallet.

Earning offers are available to a narrow circle of clients for a limited amount of time. The current list of requests can always be seen on the Coinbase Earn page.

How to Get Free Crypto on Coinbase

So how to get free crypto on Coinbase. It requires:

  1. Choose the training course you are interested in.
  2. Study his lessons. As a rule, the duration of one assignment does not exceed three minutes.
  3. Take the test at the end of each term and get rewarded.

After completing the basic lessons in the training course, the user can access lessons for advanced users, suggesting an even deeper understanding of the topic and more rewards.

Many courses contain an offer of additional earnings through an affiliate program. To participate, you need to send an invitation to complete the training to four of your friends, who can be both new and existing Coinbase users. You will receive a reward stipulated by the rules for each friend who takes the course.

Coinbase Earn tuition fees range from $ 6 to $ 52. It is charged in the form of an equivalent amount of cryptocurrency, which the lessons were devoted to. The cost of completing one assignment varies from $ 1 to $ 10. For participation in the referral program, you can get up to $ 40.

The engaging educational content provided by the Coinbase Earn service makes blockchain more accessible. Also, it allows you to receive cryptocurrency without financial risks. In theory, Coinbase Earn could open up the digital asset marketplace for millions of new people who would like to try cryptocurrencies as a free web or mobile app.

Table of Contents


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