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Huobi Exchange Sarts Running a Chainlink Node and Makes API Available to Smart Contracts

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Huobi has announced that it is now the first cryptocurrency exchange running a Chainlink node. Furthermore, they have also informed that they have made their exchange API available to smart contracts allowing developers to get the best price data and information from Huobi. The new integration was informed by the exchange in a recent blog post

Huobi and Chainlink Integrate Their Solutions

Chainlink continues to expand in the cryptocurrency market getting more information from a trusted third party such as Huobi. The new integration with the Huobi Wallet is going to provide great information to the decentralized network of oracles which Chainlink is currently running. 

BTC/ETH, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT and LINK/ETH are the first trading pairs that will be included in the integration, The exchange has also informed that they will be making more trading pairs available, which is going to be very positive for the Chainlink ecosystem. 

Furthermore, Huobi will be the first crypto exchange that will be running a Chainlink node. As the platform informed, Huobi Wallet has been working with PoS nodes and allowing the crypto market to secure more than 10 million of dollars in cryptocurrencies. They were already working with many other crypto projects such as ATOM, Ontology and also LOOM. 

Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracles that are currently providing smart contracts with clear information in order for them to execute in an accurate way. At the comment, Chainlink became the most used oracle network in the Ethereum Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem 

With this new integration, Chainlink will be using the information provided by Huobi to help a large number of Defi projects to get unique access to prices from one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that Huobi will also be signing its own data, which is going to bring more integrity to the market. 

Regarding the current integrations and implementations, the CEO of the Huobi Wallet, Will Huang, stated:

“We are very excited to accelerate our involvement in this emerging trend by providing Chainlink users access to Huobi Global exchange data, as well as running our own Chainlink Node.”

Furthermore Sergey Nazarov, the co-founder of Chainlink, stated that they are very excited to make Huobi’s exchange data available to the DeFi market. Currently, LINK is the 13th largest digital currency in the market with a valuation of $1.69 billion. 

Table of Contents


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