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Introduction to the Ark Ecosystem

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ARK is a cryptocurrency known as the all-in-one blockchain currency. Why is it in this way? Because ARK wants to connect all the different blockchains of every single cryptocurrency in the market. ARK was born from an ICO started on 7 november 2016 which ended on 11 December 2016. At the moment of the token sale, the ark token price was approximately $0.0099. As an interesting information, ARK owners would have a 28,263% ROI if they would have bought it on the token sale.

How Does ARK Work?

ARK gives users, developers and start-ups, innovative blockchain technologies. The main intention is to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual spider web of endless use-cases. ARK uses the Smart Bridge technology that allows every single coin, of every single currency to become even more powerful.

In the market, there are different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the other alt-coins. Each of them has a special feature. But what does ARK provide then? ARK’s team and developers are searching the newest blockchain technologies to expand the range of services that this cryptocurrency could offer. With the implementation of these technologies into the ARK Core through bridged blockchains (ARK Smart Bridge), the ARK Crew will construct new features and provide valuable services to the average consumer.  This would be reached with the connections and multipurpose data fields.

Bitcoin and Ethereum, one with the blockchain and the other with the smart contracts, will be able to benefit from ARK’s developments. They will be able to get the functionalities of all the other alt-coins. The Smart Bridge communicates between blockchains allowing different functionalities to spread between networks.

For example, if a company develops an application to be used just in one blockchain, what ARK does, is to create a bridge (Smart Bridge), and expand the uses of this application to another network. With ARK users have the ability to launch any specific feature from one blockchain, but in a different one. For people interested to know more about ARK, here’s a list with a few explanatory videos:

What About ARK’s Objectives – What is ARK?

The main objective of ARK Crew is to increase consumer adoption by focusing in a fast secure technology and in practical services for real people. ARK platform will provide a highly secure core blockchain, integrating key decentralized technologies, and developing use cases to show off the abilities of the ARK network. By leveraging and integrating these technologies, over time, the ARK ecosystem adapts to all the new challenges head on.

ARK is a Community. It is a diverse group of people and skills sets. Money Managers, Musicians, Traders, Social Media Promoters and Business Owners. All of them would be devoted to collaborate and develop the ARK ecosystem and community.

ARK is an Underlying Token. It is secured by a cryptographic blockchain network with a delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm.

ARK has a set of Bridged Blockchains trough Smart Bridge technology. This innovative system allows communication among validated bridged blockchains with the ability to perform tasks and advanced functions. For instance, ARK Crew is able to connect many popular blockchains and to create a unifying bond among different ecosystems.

ARK’s features and its network will be properly secured. The security is a major point for ARK’s developers. The team will be in charge of a continuous risk analysis and an internal recurring penetration testing, providing a system that fulfils the high standards required by the environment. As regards the security, the privacy is an important matter for ARK. The anonymous network integration will give the users optional privacy settings when sending an ARK transaction in the ARK’s platform.

What represents one of the core points of the ARK’s ecosystem is that ARK has the mission to make blockchain technology easily accessible to the consumers. They want the consumers not feel that they are using any technology. The intention is to build a bridge between the virtual world and reality with unique services that users want, understand and are willing to purchase using ARK. For more details abotu ARK, you may check their roadmap.

What About its Future?

At the moment, ARK is being traded at $2.83 dollars, according to CoinCodex. In April, the currency price was around $0.05 dollars. At the end of September, its price spiked up to $4 dollars, where it found a resistance level.

ARK has a great potential to grow in the coming times. ARK could allow enterprises, users and developers to use different functionalities from different blockchains. The link that ARK created will be necessary in a future where all the blockchains will need something from the other. Why do we only need to rely on one blockchain when others do offer incredible tools and possibilities? This is the point in which ARK’s Smart Bridge makes the difference.

Table of Contents


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