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Investors Rush Sparklo (SPRK) Presale, Cosmos (ATOM) Falls into Accumulation Phase

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The crypto industry is once again buzzing with excitement as the Sparklo (SPRK) presale gains momentum. Sparklo, a new cryptocurrency is generating a lot of interest among investors and analysts. 

With its promising use cases and features, Sparklo is set to make a big impact in the crypto market. Similarly, Cosmos (ATOM) has entered an accumulation phase, suggesting that investors are bullish about the long-term potential of the blockchain. 

Cosmos (ATOM) Enters Accumulation Phase 

The price of Cosmos (ATOM) has entered a critical zone which presents a chance for bullish investors to accumulate Cosmos (ATOM) coins. Recently, the token witnessed an unsuccessful attempt by the bulls to break through the descending price resistance level at $13.

This resulted in a bull trap and potential losses for those who invested at that point. Following the break, the price of Cosmos (ATOM) swiftly declined as the bears took control, and nullified the bulls’ attempt to push the price higher. 

What followed after was a rapid sell-off that was eventually halted by a powerful combination of three key technical indicators: the monthly pivot, the 55-day SMA, and the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), which worked together to provide support for the token’s price.

Bullish investors may have noticed that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is approaching oversold levels, indicating that there is significant room for upward momentum without encountering much resistance. With an influx of bullish sentiment entering the market, Cosmos (ATOM) is likely to experience a significant surge in price, potentially breaking through the bearish resistance at $13 and continuing upward to reach $15.

According to CoinMarketCap, Cosmos (ATOM) is trading at $11.41 after falling by 4.54% in the last 24 hours.

Sparklo (SPRK) Offers Huge Investment Potential in the Web3 Landscape

Sparklo is opening new opportunities as the world’s first decentralized metal trading platform, enabling investors to easily invest in rare metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. 

Besides, precious metals like gold have been performing well in the economic market compared to other volatile assets. With Sparklo, investors can now access these valuable commodities through its secure and decentralized platform by investing in the Sparklo (SPRK) token which is currently in the first stage of its presale at $0.015 apiece.

Sparklo’s investment model – fractionalization, enables individuals with low incomes to acquire small portions of precious metals. Sparklo’s (SPRK) KYC application is currently under review by the team, and the InterFi Network has already conducted an audit of the project, suggesting that it is a safe project. 

Meanwhile, investment experts predict a potential 4,000x surge in value for Sparklo (SPRK) by Q4 2023, making this an enormous opportunity for investors to get involved and see their investments flourish.

Find out more about the presale:

Website: https://sparklo.finance

Presale: https://invest.sparklo.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparklo_finance

Telegram: https://t.me/sparklofinance

Table of Contents


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