IOTA Foundation Announces Beta Release of Trinity Mobile Wallet

· 30 May 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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The IOTA Foundation has announced on May the 29th the beta release of the Trinity Mobile wallet app. The information has been released by Navin Ramachandran, Co-founder of OpenCancer and PEACH in a blog post.

Trinity Mobile Beta Release

Trinity is the user-friendly wallet that has been developed by the IOTA Foundation. The main intention was to build a wallet for the community and championed by it.

The team in charge of the development has been working diligently, in very close collaboration with different community members.

The blog post reads as follows:

“Over the last few months the Trinity development team has been working diligently, in close collaboration with community members. Long days and nights, building, testing, getting feedback and iterating. There were passionate discussions within the team and the community over every detail of the wallet, and many evenings spent justifying our obsession to our loved ones.” 

Trinity has been developed by the IOTA Foundation, as we mentioned before, so as to provide assurance to the wider community that the wallet is safe to use, and almost free of user error. Trinity has been subjected to 2 external reviews, a threat modelling exercise and a security audit. This would help to ensure maximum security for our users.

All the bugs that have been discovered during these analyses have been mitigated or patched – if required. All the reports are available to the public on the website.

Mr. Ramachandra, thanks the community for the patience during the process and for all the effort that has been done. At the moment, the Trinity wallet is available for smartphone users but the desktop wallet will be available in the near future.

“We thank the community for their patience during this process. We are confident that you will feel it was well-worth the wait. The mobile beta is now live (desktop to follow shortly). Head over and have a look,” he wrote.

There have also been 400 users testing the wallet, and helping to iron the numerous bugs and improve the usability. Additionally, there have been over 35 translators helping with the language compatibility.

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