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Digital Car Pass To Launch In Q1 2019, IOTA Set For More Gains

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Digital Car Pass To Launch In Q1 2019, IOTA Set For More Gains

Volkswagen has confirmed that their collaborative project with IOTA will be ready in Q1 of 2019. The project dubbed “Digital Car Pass” is the first attempt by a car manufacturer to use IOTA’s network to track a vehicle’s performance.

IOTA announced their collaboration with Volkswagen back in February. This announcement is the first confirmation that the partnership is moving forward.

Speculation and rumors have some assuming that the IOTA network could also have some application to Volkswagen’s autonomous cars project.

Although the Digital Car Pass project does not directly use the IOTA token, its price has seen a boost following the announcement. The project will act as a great boost to the IOTA ecosystem.

How Does Digital Car Pass Work?

Digital Car Pass will enable Volkswagen cars to track their mileage, maintenance data, environment data, and other data analysis. This will help the manufacturer, the owner and potential buyers to get real-time info about the car. Volkswagen also plans using the same information to manufacture better vehicles in the future.

For this complex system, Volkswagen has looked to the IOTA foundation to develop the technology for this project. The foundation offers a tamper-free system that will be evaluating and recording the car’s performance and maintenance history.

The project will help Volkswagen identify flaws in their cars as quickly as possible especially in new models. With real-time data from the cars, Volkswagen can recall cars that have problems as soon as possible and fix them. Car owners will be able to check their car’s data analysis and know when the car requires servicing and plan, ensuring their car is well maintained. Second-hand car buyers can also check up a particular car and receive all relevant info on where the car has been and how well maintained its been.

IOTA Taking On More Enterprise Partners

Just days ago, we reported that IOTA was partnering with Tokyo-based IT company, Fujitsu. The partnership will see the IT company use IOTA’s new protocol standard. This will enable the company to audit, keep track and record all manufactured products.

When the announcement of the Fujitsu partnership was made, IOTA prices soared to a trading price around $0.715.


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John Kiguru

John Kiguru

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