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IOTA Works With Dell And Linux On Project Alvarium To Establish Measurable Trust In Data

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IOTA is working side by side with Dell Technologies and Linux in order to be able to measure trust and confidence in data that comes from a wide range of sources. This new initiative is known as Project Alvarium and it will build the concept of a Data Confidence Fabric (DCF).

IOTA And Tech Giants Work On Project Alvarium

According to a recent blog post released by the Linux Foundation, this new project will be working in order to facilitate intrinsic trust in data and appk¡lications spanning heterogeneous systems of systems. 

Dell Technologies is the firm that will place the seed investment and other industry leaders such as IBM, Arm, IOTA Foundation OSIsoft, Unisys and MobiledgeX, among others, will also be supporting the development of this project. 

The Trust Fabric is a framework that has been developed through a wide range of technologies that help increase trust in the whole data path. This makes it easy for AI models to analyze the data and scale digital transformation initiatives. 

Furthermore, the new project aims at building a collaborative community that will focus on unifying and creating trust insertion technologies. 

On the matter, Arpit Joshipura, general manager, Networking, Edge and IOT at the Linux Foundation, commented:

“As edge computing becomes more pervasive, a comprehensive open source framework that delivers measurable confidence across industries and across stacks is imperative. We welcome Project Alvarium to the Linux Foundation family of projects.”

As mentioned before, this project will receive funding from Dell Technologies. It is worth mentioning that Dell Technologies has also provided seed funding to EdgeX Foundry back in April 2017. Now, the EdgeX framework is a default component within the DCF seed for open data ingestion. 

David Sønstebø, the co-founder of the IOTA Foundation explained that data is the seed from which information and knowledge blossoms. Nowadays, every single application, connected device, machine or human use meaningful data in one way or another. 

IOTA is a distributed ledger which was created to facilitate communication and transactions between machines connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. IOTA has been widely accepted on exchanges like the bitcoin up website, and by some of the biggest crypto investors in the world. Below is a list of IOTA Partnerships, helping to propel the cryptocurrency and these companies through the innovative use of Tangle technology.

IOTA is one of the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain-related projects in the crypto market. During the last years, the team behind IOTA has been working on a wide range of initiatives all over the world in order to expand the Internet of Things (IoT) and improve its efficiency. 

Some of the companies IOTA is currently working with include Akita Blockchain, Deutsche Telekom, DXC Technology, Innoenergy and many others. 

Table of Contents


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