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Kraken review

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Kraken exchange is a major US-based cryptocurrency platform with low fees, lucrative fiat/crypto trading pairs, and advanced trading options. It is consistently ranked as one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms by independent media outlets.

But performance and credibility issues have rocked its once-stable user base.

Is it safe to use? Are there verification issues? Does the exchange even work after a massive overhaul? Be sure to read this review to learn everything you need to know about trading safely on Kraken exchange.

Kraken exchange

Kraken is a major US-based exchange that was unleashed on the high seas way back in 2011. It’s known for its tight security, advanced trading options, and low trading and withdrawal fees. It offers clients in North America, the EU, and Japan services in USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and JPY as well as a range of cryptocurrencies.

It bills itself as the “the largest Bitcoin exchange in Euro volume” and currently sits at #8 in 24-hour volume on Coinmarketcap. This feature-rich, detailed, and secure exchange is an excellent option for advanced traders, but not beginner-friendly. It is especially appealing to European traders (more on this later). It even offers mysterious dark pool trading services.

Aside from being a pioneer of transparency in the industry, Kraken exchange is consistently rated as one of the most secure exchanges. Through all of the criticism it remains a reputable exchange.

However, it has been constantly plagued by performance issues. CEO Jesse Powell publicly apologized for the site’s issues and promised major upgrades.

But is it still safe to use? Have the issues been fixed? And how do you even use the site?

There is a lot to know about Kraken exchange and very little reliable information. That’s why I’ve created this guide. Read it to learn everything you need to know about trading on the platform.


  • Security
  • Trading tools
  • Low fees
  • Fiat currency
  • thumbs-upMargin trading


  • Performance Issues
  • Limited Coins
  • thumbs-downNot Beginner-Friendly
  • thumbs-downHigh Withdrawal Fee for US Banks

Kraken exchange overhauled its trade engine and interface on January 11th. The update caused a site-wide shut down for over 36 hours that stopped trading and withdrawals. The internet imploded; however, things have recovered and Kraken is coming back. The jury is still out on whether or not the issues have been totally solved. The consensus is that Kraken performed much-needed updates, but handled the process poorly. More on this throughout the review.

Kraken came back with free trading



Kraken exchange employs a range of security features and heavily secures accounts. It carries out regular reserve audits, is trusted by Germany’s Fidor Bank, and is cozy with the government of Tokyo and Bloomberg.

kraken security


In November, 2017, CEO Jesse Powell said “no defending the recent state of the platform”. It was buggy, frequently down, and slow. A recent overhaul has promised to fix the issues. Things look promising but time is needed.


Fiat options are great for beginners, but that’s about it. Verification can get heavy and the interface is extremely complex.


Kraken exchange has a complex fee system, but is very trader-friendly. It also has some of the lowest withdrawal fees in the known world.


They offer a comprehensive support guide and Reddit sub for escalating tickets. Support may take a few days to respond to tickets but is generally helpful.


Kraken exchange offers trading pairs in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and JPY as well as 16 cryptocurrencies. Advanced margin trading options are especially lucrative for professionals.


Kraken is a good platform for trading fiat and some cryptocurrencies, but the jury is still out on performance issues. The lack of coins and support are negatives. However, its trading options make it a no-brainer for serious traders.

About Kraken Exchange

Jesse Powell unleashed the Kraken exchange way back in 2011. Since then, it has had a tumultuous life. This San Francisco-based exchange pioneered new territories in Bitcoin security and real-world integration. It was the first exchange to pass a cryptographically verifiable proof-of-reserves audit and the first to have trading price and volume displayed on Bloomberg!

Its low fees, high security, and diverse functionality helped Kraken quickly rise to being the leader in Euro volume trades. It is routinely ranked at the top of overall volume trading.

Despite criticism in recent times about its performance, I found the company’s reputation to be rather solid. It is operated by San-Francisco based Payward Inc. and received $6.5 million in funding over 3 funding rounds. And when Mt. Gox went into the tank, Kraken exchange was chosen as the partner to facilitate payments to users affected by the hack.

With that said, there are plenty of negatives about the exchange. There’s also plenty of negative sentiment around the web. It isn’t beginner-friendly and performance issues abound. That and how they recently handled their systems upgrade all have the web up in arms.

Overall, Kraken exchange is seen as a good platform with advanced functionality and a solid reputation.

“Kraken is an exemplary institution that the rest of the Bitcoin world should look up to… One of the first exchanges to pass an independent audit.” – TheBlogChain

Intuitiveness, Professionalism, Focus - those are the main values of Kraken exhange

How Does Kraken Exchange Work?

Kraken is a digital asset exchange that supports both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. It is a matching platform that connects buyers and sellers and takes a fee for each trade.

One major advantage of Kraken exchange is that you can deposit with your bank account. Many exchanges require you to already have crypto to start trading. This is a major headache that you avoid. It is easy to liquidate fiat currencies on the site (especially Euro).

Think of Kraken exchange like the New York Stock Exchange: you trade assets with other users via the exchange and pay the exchange for its troubles. You are not actually buying anything from Kraken exchange like you would Coinbase.

Kraken Features

  • checkCEO: Jesse Powell.
  • checkFounded: 2011.
  • checkHQ: San Francisco.
  • checkFiat Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY.
  • checkCryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero, and more.
  • checkDeposit/Withdrawal: Bank (SWIFT, SEPA, Etc.) | Crypto
  • checkFees: Very Low.
  • checkApp: Yes.
  • checkMargin Trading: Yes.**
  • checkVerification: Yes.
  • checkBeginner-Friendly: No.
  • checkSupport: meh.
  • checkCommunity Sentiment: Generally OK.

Margin Trading** – Margin trading is essentially trading with borrowed funds. You trade with other user’s money using peer-to-peer loans. The money in your margin account is used only as collateral to settle debts later on. If you make a profit, the funds are paid back to the lender. Margin trading allows you to enter into larger deals and potentially make (or lose) more money. This is opposed to margin lending where a user lends their crypto to get a return on investment from borrower. Kraken is considered to be an excellent platform for margin trading/lending. Be aware that it is very volatile and complex, so it is best left to experienced traders. For the full explanation, see BitFinEx’s guide to margin trading.

Is Kraken Safe? | Is Kraken a Scam or Not? | Is Kraken Insured?

With all of the horror stories going around about scam exchanges, ponzi schemes, and million-dollar hacks, I wasn’t surprised to see the web full of these questions. Users wanted to know if Kraken exchange was just another scam or if it was legit.

Well, I dug deep into the dirt and found some promising information.

They claim their own security is impeccable, but who wouldn’t say that? They don’t do much talking on their website, but they do plenty of walking when it comes to security. Here’s what I dug up:

  • checkCold Storage: Kraken was the first exchange to pass a cryptographically verifiable proof-of-reserves audit. It holds full reserves offline in #1-ranked cold storage.
  • checkTransparency: Kraken exchange puts its CEO, parent company, HQ, and support staff out there. A great sign.
  • checkSocial Presence: Kraken has a Reddit, active Twitter account, and plenty of other public support. That’s always a good sign.
  • checkFinancial Stability: Kraken raised millions from investors such as the Money Partners Group. They are also run by Payward Inc. They’re backed by reputable names.
  • checkStrong Site Security: They not only use standard 2FA, they make the account creation process a hassle in the sake of extra security.

All the clues point toward strong security. The company has never suffered a hack.

Verdict: Good security.

What Are Kraken’s Funding Options and What Are the Fees?

Kraken exchange has low fees in general. But some of the fees are so low its comical. What most US customers don’t realize about Kraken is that it is actually more favorable to foreign users than it is to domestic ones. Despite being based in the US, Kraken’s fees for foreign withdrawals are very low while US ones are high. Deposits and withdrawals in general have low fees. Fees are as follows:

Fiat Withdrawals

  • checkEUR SEPA Withdrawal – EEA countries only (€0.09)
  • checkUSD (Domestic) Withdrawal – available in 48 US states + DC  ($5)
  • checkUSD SWIFT (SMBC): available in most countries ($60)
  • checkEUR SWIFT (SMBC): available in most countries (€60)
  • checkJPY Domestic Withdrawal – Japan only (¥300)
  • checkCAD EFT Withdrawal – Canada only ($10 CAD flat fee)

Fiat Deposits

  • checkEUR SEPA Deposit (Free)
  • checkEUR Wire Deposit (Fidor: €5, SMBC: €10)
  • checkUSD (Domestic) Deposit ($5)
  • checkUSD SWIFT deposit ($10)
  • checkJPY Domestic Deposit (Free, ¥5,000 deposit minimum)
  • checkCAD Wire Deposit (Free)

Crypto deposits are basically free; however, withdrawals of cryptocurrencies are subject to a fee. In my experience, their withdrawal fees are in line with industry norms and not out of control like Binance. Here is the full list of fees:

Example: As of 1/30/18 it would cost you approximately $6 to withdraw ANY AMOUNT of Ethereum. It doesn’t matter if you withdraw $60 or $60,000, you pay $6. Make your withdrawals count.

Example: As of 1/30/18 it would cost you approximately $6 to withdraw ANY AMOUNT of Ethereum. It doesn’t matter if you withdraw $60 or $60,000, you pay $6. Make your withdrawals count.

What Are Kraken’s Trading Fees?

Kraken’s trading fees are dependent on which currency pair you trade. In general, they are very low. The company employs a maker-taker fee schedule, meaning you pay a different fee depending on if you are buying or selling.

The only issue is that their fees are extremely complex, volume-based, and tough to grasp. Here are a few things you should know:

  • checkIf you use the “Simple” buy mechanism, you pay .26%.
  • checkIf you are a market maker, you pay .16%.
  • checkIf you increase your volume to over $50,000BTC, you can pay as low as 0%.

Chances are that you won’t be doing volume as heavy as $50,000, so expect to pay around .26% as a taker.

What Are Maker-Taker Fees?

In every trade, one party increases the liquidity in the market and the other decreases it. Makers are users who place orders on the book (to buy or sell) and takers are the ones who match the orders. Makers are given a discount because their order increases the liquidity (they make the market busier) and takers pay more because they decrease that liquidity.

So this means if you are taking coins off the market, you pay a higher fee. The person putting the coin on the market is given a discount in exchange for increasing market liquidity. Basically, these fees encourage deals.

Making sense? Here is a great market-maker explainer video.

How to Trade Bitcoin on Kraken | Registration, Verification, Trading, and More

Kraken exchange is not the most beginner-friendly site on the market. Registration is fairly straightforward, but from there things get a bit dicey. Kraken has a number of advantages for users trying to buy some Bitcoin, namely easy SEPA deposits/withdrawals and fiat currencies. When you know what you’re doing, trading is lucrative and even a bit fun!

Let’s get to it:

1) Register and Confirm Your Email Address

Ready to sail the high seas? Climb aboard.

Just enter a few details and then be prepared to enter a few more hidden ones.

Just enter a few details and then be prepared to enter a few more hidden ones.

Click the link in the confirmation email and your ship sets sail.

Click the link in the confirmation email and your ship sets sail.

2) Verify Your Account

If you want to trade, you’ve got to verify your account. This is where things get a bit difficult. Kraken’s verification tiers are a bit complex. Here’s a brief overview:

  • checkTier 1: You can deposit or withdraw in crypto only; however, you can trade in fiat. Requirement: name, birth date, country, and phone number.
  • checkTier 2: You are able to deposit, withdraw, and trade crypto as well as fiat (depending on your residency). You may also be eligible for bank transfers. Proof of address is required.
  • checkTier 3: Everything that Tier 2 has except higher funding limits. If you want to deposit fiat in the US, Germany, Canada, and Japan, Level 3 is required. Requirements: valid government ID and recent proof of residence.
  • checkTier 4: This is like Tier 3 only better. It’s best reserved for high-volume traders and corporations. You must submit forms and KYC documents. Contact support for more information.
Here’s the screenshot of the tiers from Kraken

Here’s the screenshot of the tiers from Kraken exchange.

How Long Does Verification Take?

Level 1 and 2 should only take a few minutes. Level 3 should take a few days maximum. Support is still under heavy load and performance is degraded. Verification is their last priority.

3) Trade!

If you use the Basic interface, buying/selling is relatively simple. The new buying interface is much better:

In the top left, choose your currency pair. Then just choose the amount you’d like to buy and you are all set. If you want to trade using advanced features, things start to get a bit more difficult.

In the top left, choose your currency pair. Then just choose the amount you’d like to buy and you are all set. If you want to trade using advanced features, things start to get a bit more difficult.

Here you can access more advanced trading options like placing a Stop Limit and start diving into the charts and tools to make more accurate trades.

Here you can access more advanced trading options like placing a Stop Limit and start diving into the charts and tools to make more accurate trades.

Here’s a quick video showing how to change currency pairs and tools.

Good luck!

Top 3 Alternatives to Kraken for More Coins

One knock on Kraken (aside from its soul-crushing trade engine) has been its lack of coins. It has the major coins that everyone knows and loves (BTC, LTC, Dash. Monero), but limited options otherwise. If you are looking for something with more options, here are the top 3 alternatives to Kraken exchange for you:

1) Binance

Binance exchange logo

It’s binary. It’s finance. It’s Binance. This Asian crypto exchange is the world’s #1 exchange by volume, and it only opened its doors in 2017. Liquid markets, rare altcoins from all corners of the globe, and a lightning fast trade engine all make for a trading experience unlike any other. Where else can you expect to trade for Stratis AND get a chance to win a Porsche while doing it? Binance is crypto-only (no fiat) but it gives you access to nearly 200 trading pairs!Check out the full review of the Binance exchange.

2) Poloniex

Poloniex exchange logo

Looking for all of the detailed charts, margin options, and low fees of Kraken exchange only with access to 100 digital assets? Poloniex is the choice for you. With over 50 million unique visitors per month, it is the largest exchange in the world in terms of visitors. Here you can trade via an intuitive interface and make big profits with its unique trading options. Check out the full review of the Poloniex Bitcoin exchange.

3) Bittrex

Bittrex exchange logo

The US rival to Binance, Bittrex is more polished and regulated than its Asian cousin. It is one of the most liquid markets in the world, with over 250,000 BTC worth of assets traded PER DAY. Tight security, low fees, and an advanced trading engine are all backed by the stability of a highly regulated operation. The best part? 190 + currencies ready to be traded on its detailed interface. So go get to it! Want a full review of Bittrex including fees, verification, security, and more? Read our Bittrex exchange review.

Kraken vs. Binance: Which is the Best Bitcoin Exchange?

Kraken logo


Binance exchange logo

Kraken and Binance are two of the largest, most liquid, and fastest exchanges in the Wild West. But which one will come out ahead in this showdown? On one side, the old money exchange based in Silicon Valley with fiat currency. On the other, the young, crypto-only upstart based in the shadowy corners of Asia. Both of these Bitcoin exchanges serve their niches well, but which one is best?

I’ve compared fees, verification headaches, user experience, trading, currency options, and more. Here’s my conclusion:

Binance Features

  • checkFounded: 2017.
  • checkCEO: Chengpeng Zhao.
  • checkCurrencies: 188 Trading Pairs.
  • checkPayment Options: Crypto.
  • checkVerification: No Verification for Level 1 | ID Document for Level 2.
  • checkSpeed: Instant Deposits | Fast Trades
  • checkApp: Yes.
  • checkTrading Tools: Basic and Advanced View.
  • checkHQ: Linkedin Says Asia. CEO Chengpen Zhao said the team was “spread out” on national TV.
  • checkFees: .1% (.05% with BNB).


  • Low Fees
  • High Liquidity
  • Rare Coins
  • Unique Giveaways
  • thumbs-upHigh Community Sentiment
  • thumbs-upTrading Speed


  • Crypto Only
  • High Withdrawal Fees on Some Coins


  • checkSecurity: Kraken
  • checkTrading Speed: Binance.
  • checkCoins: Binance.
  • checkFiat: Kraken.
  • checkUX: Kraken.
  • checkExtra Features: Binance.
  • checkFees: Tie.
  • checkVerification: Binance.
  • checkWithdrawals: Kraken.

Neither of the exchanges are regulated, but Kraken’s ties to transparent companies located in Silicon Valley give it the edge. Kraken has overhauled its trading engine, so the jury is still out on its trading experience. However, Binance’s is the most advanced in the business.

Binance is much faster than Kraken

What I really love about Binance, though, is the ability to trade without verification. That and it has nearly 200 digital assets on offer compared to about 20 for Kraken exchange.

This one is a wash in my opinion, because it’s unfair to compare the two. They both serve two separate different segments.

Kraken: Best for users who want fiat currencies, a good UX, and cheap withdrawals within Europe.

Binance: Best for users who want to cheaply speculate on rare altcoins and make lots of trades with crypto.

Verdict: Wash.

Kraken Exchange FAQ

Even before the massive update in January, 2018 users had a lot of questions about Kraken. After it, there were even more. This FAQ is a collection of the most common queries users had. Don’t start trading without reading!

Q: Does Kraken Provide a Wallet?

A: Yes, Kraken exchange provides a free wallet to all of its customers. However, it is not recommended to ever store your crypto somewhere where you don’t control the keys. This is one of the most important Bitcoin safety tips you will ever learn.

Q: Which Currencies Can I Trade on Kraken?

A: Kraken offers a decent list of currencies for trading. Fiat options are USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and JPY. They offer popular coins like BTC, DOGE, XRP, and ETH as well many others. For a full list of pairs, see Kraken trading pairs on on Cryptocharts.info.

Q: What Are Kraken’s Deposit Fees?

A: For the most part, depositing crypto is free (some coins incur a micro fee). US deposits are either $5 or $10 depending on your options. Euro deposits are €5.

Q: Is Kraken a Legit Exchange?

A: Yes, Kraken is usually in the top 10 exchanges in terms of the volume. The vast majority of customers have no issues. They are backed by venture capital groups and based out of San Francisco. They are not a scam.

Q: Does Kraken Exchange Have an App?

A: Yes it does. The Android app currently has a 4-star rating with over 1,500 reviews. The iOS app is apparently a shame though — a 1.5-star rating with about 200 reviews).

Q: Is Kraken Exchange Safe?

A: Kraken has multiple avenues for support, advanced security measures, and cold storage protocol to maintain reserves. They aren’t heavily regulated and secure like some competitors, but they have never suffered a hack. Kraken is safe.

Q: Does Kraken Exchange Require Verification?

A: Technically, no. If you only want to view charts, you’re fine. But if you want to trade you must get verified.

Q: What Are Kraken’s Margin Trading Fees?

A: You either pay .01% opening and rollover fees or .02% depending on which currency pair you trade. For the full list, see the support page on margin trading fees.

Kraken Reviews | Is This Bitcoin Exchange Reliable?

Despite high community sentiment, Kraken’s trade engine and site performance were the subject of endless support tickets, Twitter rants, and Reddit threads. In general, the site struggled to cope with the meteoric rise in popularity of cryptocurrency. Users everywhere complained of buggy performance and downtime.

CryptoWithFries wins the username competition.

CryptoWithFries wins the username competition.

Google SERP showing everyone hating on Kraken.

Google SERP showing everyone hating on Kraken.

Trades ruined, deposits returned, withdrawals missing, systems down, expletives blurred out everywhere—Kraken was not making a lot of friends.

Trades ruined, deposits returned, withdrawals missing, systems down, expletives blurred out everywhere — the Kraken exchange was not making a lot of friends.

This prompted CEO Jesse Powell to publiclicaly apologize. Promises of improvements soon followed. Kraken announced major systems updates in late December 2017.

This prompted CEO Jesse Powell to publiclicaly apologize. Promises of improvements soon followed. Kraken announced major systems updates in late December 2017.

However, the update did not go over well. Instead of being down for only a few hours, the site was down nearly two days. Rumors of Mt. Gox rumbled from the foul depths of the web. Those fears were mostly undue panic. Kraken grossly underestimated how long it would take, causing a stir on Reddit.

Speed of Kraken seems to be a big problem
Another negatives about Kraken's speed

However, Kraken exchange triumphantly returned with FREE trading for all of its loyal customers and heartfelt apologies for the heart attacks it caused everyone. Coindesk details the incident well in their roundup.

As of January 31st, 2018 the site’s status page still shows “degraded service” despite many saying the site was doing fine. The jury is still out on how much this upgrade has helped.

What Positive Kraken Reviews Say

The community loves Kraken exchange (when it works). It isn’t held in as high esteem as some of the competitors, but in general, it is liked. Positive reviews focus mainly on 3 things:

  • checkLow fees
  • checkLow withdrawals to Europe
  • checkCommunity trust

Here are a few examples:

Example of Kraken exchange rating

Here’s a link to a Reddit thread where a user wants to know if Kraken exchange is trustworthy. Gauge the community’s sentiment for yourself.

What the Negative Kraken Reviews Say

Negative reviews were not hard to find. Even though the community generally likes Kraken, there are plenty who have been burned.

Negative reviews focus almost solely on system performance.

Morris_Dungpile paints a vivid picture of the Kraken’s coding team.

He’s not the only angry person on the web, either.

He’s not the only angry person on the web, either.

 Unusable garbage, god awful, and the F word all in one snippet. I’m impressed, Kraken.

Unusable garbage, god awful, and the F word all in one snippet. I’m impressed, Kraken.

Verdict: Kraken exchange is apparently a very good exchange when it works. Great fee structure, access to fiat, fast withdrawals, and more all come along with high community trust. But whether or not their system will actually work remains to be seen.

Cryptopositive | Likes and Dislikes

Bitcoin exchanges, like the people that run them, are extremely complex. Sometimes good people do bad things and sometimes great exchanges don’t have the power to serve their clients. Kraken is one of the those exchanges. It is both great and awful, amazing and horrible. There’s a lot to like and dislike, so let’s get to it.



Withdrawals are cheap, especially to Europe. And their crypto withdrawals are more competitive than most. Their maker-taker volume fee schedule is also extremely trader friendly. I’ve used a lot of exchanges in my day, and I have to say Kraken exchange is one of the best for pro traders.


It’s good to have access to the world’s most common currencies. It makes life easier and presents lucrative trading possibilities.


The community has a love/hate relationship with Kraken. Like that athlete who has all the tools to be great but just doesn’t put the work in. There’s high trust for Kraken, but they just can’t seem to get their act together.


Kraken platform is usually one of the top 5 or 6 exchanges in terms of 24-hour volume. It currently sits in 8th.


Hey, nobody is perfect (see above).


Kraken just can’t seem to get its own exchange to work without bugs, downtimes, and support issues. We’ll see if they clean this up.

Coin choice

With about 20 currencies/coins to choose from, Kraken’s options are limited compared to competitors.

Not Beginner-Friendly

Kraken’s verification tiers and confusing trade interface are not beginner friendly.

The judgement of Our Kraken Review

Kraken is a liquid exchange offering a great trading experience when it actually works. High-volume order books, fiat currencies, and a smooth UX all work together to make trading fun and profitable. From its detailed trading tools to margin trading/lending, it gives users a lot of ways to make good money. And it’s easy to get money off the site cheaply (especially for Europeans). You can even engage in dark pool trading.

It’s secure, well-connected, and transparent. Being in business 7 years shows its stability.

However, there’s a lot to dislike. These positives only apply when the site actually works. Be prepared to slam your fists on the table in anger more than a few times. Godspeed, my friend.

Verdict: Kraken exchange is a good exchange for experienced traders who can take advantage of all it has to offer, but it has limited coin options (it does have fiat, though). It isn’t beginner friendly. It might not even work. I’d let time decide on whether or not it has improved before trading.