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LaMelo Ball, Gutter Cat Gang, and Puma Collaborate on NFT Sneakers

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On June 29, the “GutterMelo MB.03” NFT sneakers will go on sale on OpenSea. They come with a physical, real-life counterpart.

NBA player LaMelo Ball and Web3 streetwear company Gutter Cat Gang are collaborating to develop a line of non-fungible token (NFT) sneakers.

The sneaker collection, which was created by Ball as a part of MB, his fashion partnership with Puma, inaugurates a “new era for hoops apparel and fashion,” according to the site. Each customer who purchases the NFT footwear will also receive a physical equivalent that they can actually flex.

According to the website, “This collaboration pushes the boundaries of innovation by empowering hoopers to express their distinctive style both on the court and online, while also raising awareness of web3 technology and digital collectibles among the general public.”

Although the website has already said that it is over-allocated and not all customers will be able to mint into the collection, eager buyers can now register to acquire on allowlist portal Premint. The GutterMelo MB.03 sneakers cost $175 from collectors who are placed on the early access allowlist; those who are placed on the early access waitlist must pay $195. For the subsequent public auction, the price will increase to $215.

While streetwear and sneakers have grabbed the lead in digital fashion, fashion is finding a new home in NFTs. Through its Web3 platform .Swoosh, Nike unveiled its first digital sneaker collection in April. Despite delays brought on by technological difficulties, sales of the collection exceeded $1 million. Adidas debuted its first collection of NFTs for its Into the Metaverse Web3 environment in April.

Table of Contents


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