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LeBron James – To become an ambassador for the crypto industry?

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LeBron James was featured in a big commercial for none other than a big crypto exchange during an advertisement in the middle of the NFL’s gigantic Super Bowl event. It might possibly end up engaging into the cryptocurrency exchange platforms industry, as previously reported by TheStreet.

This could act out as a huge boost to the cryptocurrency community, and it’s also said to be a very significant game changer for the industry.

It has been a long time coming, but digital currency supporters appear to have finally found a worldwide ambassador to help them get their message out. A well-known and well-recognized visage all around the globe.

Despite his fame and prominence outside of basketball, NBA superstar Lebron James is poised to become a stakeholder in one of the biggest and most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

One of LeBron’s colleagues in business, Maverick Carter, has been leading conversations for a relationship with this big crypto exchange company lately. While the two people struck a deal in January, this might follow up with a possible potential investment in the exchange company from the celebrity himself.

The possibility and confirmation that LeBron James could potentially turn into a stakeholder or partner in equity with this exchange company has yet to be verified by either the business or by James himself.

It is possible that one of the company’s current brand advocates, known as Matt Damon, could also potentially become a stakeholder, although this has not yet been publicly confirmed.

As a result, the crypto exchange may have two worldwide celebrities on its hands. You could not have dreamed of a finer platform, which would be recognized by both sports fans and the entertainment business at the same time. It would generate a lot of attention.

In response to a request from TheStreet, the exchange company refused to respond. Uninterrupted, a media company co-founded by Lebron James and Maverick Carter, has yet to respond to a message submitted through the site.

Since the start of segment number three of the live Super Bowl event on Sunday 13th February, LeBron James’ appearance in a promotional cryptocurrency advert has managed to increase sales and rise the market by a little bit, which led a lot of newcomers as well as existing crypto enthusiasts to buy crypto at xcoins.com and many other providers.

In collaboration with the crypto exchange, James posted a video recording on Instagram and Twitter on Saturday emphasizing the significance of web3 technology.

He also stated on social media that it is time for a new kind of web to be built, and that he was very excited for Sunday to arrive.

James and Crypto announced their cooperation in a big way at the end of January, and this video is part of that effort.

Web3 is a concept for a decentralized internet that incorporates blockchain technology.

One of the most popular cryptocurrency marketing tactics is sports sponsorships. It’s putting a lot of resources on sports in an effort to attract new customers. Over  $700 million US Dollars was paid by these kinds of companies in November to name the Staples Center the home of the Lakers and Clippers, the Kings and the Sparks.

He is one of the sportsmen and celebrities who spend a lot in crypto, either by funding businesses or by investing in NFTs. NBA fans used non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to drive a highlights video starring LeBron James up to the price of over 6 figures easily.

As part of the I PROMISE initiative, the Foundation of LeBron James is giving children and their families access to technologies like Web3 that will help construct the internet of tomorrow.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

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