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List of Important Telegram Cryptocurrency Channels

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Telegram is one of the leading messaging apps with a very strong focus on security. Unlike most other messaging apps currently on the market, Telegram uses its own encryption protocol, it’s completely free, it has unlimited cloud storage, it has both ordinary and “secret” chats, multi-platform availability, groups and supergroups, channels, bot functionality, as well as no advertising or additional premium content, and no subscription fees.

Considering this wide array of beneficial features and its inherited security/privacy protocols, it’s no wonder that it has made its way into the crypto world as a reliable communication/information medium and one of the most attractive media solutions for cryptocurrency developers, traders, and entrepreneurs.

Literally, any serious crypto project has its own Telegram channel nowadays but what’s even more important is the fact that there are various crypto publications and media groups which also have comprehensive Telegram channels with their content.

Below, we created a list of some of the most important crypto Telegram channels and groups:

Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph)

If you’ve been in the crypto space even for a short while, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard about Cointelegraph, one of the most respected and most popular cryptocurrency publications.

Cointelegraph provides its readers with the latest news within the cryptosphere (Bitcoin News, Ethereum news, Altcoin News, Blockchain News, Scam News, etc.), but also with comprehensive market analysis, and an impressive collection of useful tutorials and guides. The official Cointelegraph Telegram channel currently boasts 94 692 members and covers the most important aspects of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Fintech news.

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Source: ttbcn.wordpress.com

CryptoMedics (@CryptoMedics)

CryptoMedics is a cryptocurrency Telegram channel that has a strong focus on research. The team behind the channel has a transparent and in-depth research approach. If you’re new to the cryptomarket and you want to learn more, then CryptoMedics might be one of the best choices. The channel is renowned for its outstanding community, and it’s a place where almost all your questions can be answered. The main drawback is the fact that it is one of the few Telegram channels that require payment. The channel currently has 4964 members.

Crypto Charters (@Crypto Charters)

Crypto Charters is a crypto Telegram group specifically aimed at die-hard, advanced crypto traders and analysts. The group is notable for offering its members well-documented and comprehensively detailed charts of various cryptocurrencies. The group is mostly focused around Bitcoin analysis, but there are various contributors who are also into high-value altcoins.

Venture Coinist (@Venture Coinist)

If you’re mainly focused on the price/market analysis of the top 10 coins, then Venture Coinist is definitely worthy of your Telegram channel list. The content is mainly geared towards providing technical analysis on how to set up trades through the following few days/weeks, which makes it a very valuable tool for beginner investors and traders. In short, if want to maximize your investment’s profit potential, then you can’t go wrong with Venture Coinist.

Crypto Samurai (@Crypto Samurai)

Crypto Samurai is one of the best crypto Telegram channels as it has something for everybody. The team behind the channel does a good job in terms of curating the vast majority of respected news sources, bringing its readers only the most relevant news articles as soon as they are published. Currently, the channel has 3125 users, which is by no accounts a small number.

Mycryptopedia (@Mycryptopedia)

Mycryptopedia is the official Telegram channel for the Mycryptopedia.com website. The channel puts a high emphasis on curated educational content on topics such as cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, ICOs, and market analysis. In terms of articles, subscribers can expect tutorials, guides, news articles, educational videos, interviews, and other types of informative data.


Source: The Coinage Times

UK Crypto (@UKCrypto)

UK Crypto is a Telegram channel that offers its subscribers an interesting mix of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis for a plethora of coins. It’s a place where you can learn a lot about the basics of crypto trading, and also discover new and interesting crypto projects, all curated and, indubitable, with verifiable sources.

Trading Signal For Free (@Trading Signal For Free)

This channel provides its subscribers and traders with unique views on the current situation of the crypto market. It gathered a lot of technical analysis in order to ensure its long-term relevance and there is no spam content and no cross-posting.

Crypto to the moon (@Crypto to the moon)

Crypto to the moon is not what you would call a large Telegram channel, but it’s perfect for anyone looking to learn more about cryptocurrency trading, trading signals, market-related analysis, as well as get access to various ICO reviews.

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Source: Medium.com

Crypto Shuttle (@Crypto Shuttle)

Crypto Shuttle is a Telegram channel that is especially useful if you want to check out some of the most relevant cryptocurrency news. They also provide detailed and up-to-date details about the currency market situation, without exaggerating about the scary factors usually associated with owning and trading crypto.

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Source: Medium.com

Crypto Madness (@Crypto Madness)

Crypto Madness provides its subscribers with accurate and curated news and reviews from the cryptosphere, as well as useful information about upcoming ICOs. The team behind the group is known to offer very good advice in terms of ICOs.

Crypto News (@Crypto News)

Last on our list is the Crypto News Telegram channel. It’s a free channel with a very strong focus on bringing you only the latest, high-quality news that matter. During its lifetime, their content proved to be so good that the group now has almost one hundred members.


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