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The Best EOS Wallets Of 2019 | Where To Store EOS Safe & Which Are The Best EOS Mobile Wallets

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EOS cryptocurrency coins

After launching its Mainnet and concluding their ICO, the EOS network no longer depends on ERC20 wallets. The company detached from the Ethereum blockchain and introduced its own digital wallets. All the same, it’s always important to get the best EOS wallet for your EOS coins. Here’s a list of EOS wallets to choose from for safe use and storage.

#1. Infinito EOS Wallet

EOS Wallet website: https://www.infinitowallet.io/

EOS Wallet type: Universal online wallet

Ease of use: Easy to use, available on IOS and Android, supports multiple coins and tokens

Safe: Not as secure and safe as an offline wallet

Cost: Paid

The Infinito EOS wallet enables users to get the most out of their digital assets due to its robust ecosystem of blockchain services. It easily integrates with ID/KYC solutions, crypto exchanges, and other blockchain related services. Importantly, Infinito is connected to the Europe-based Infinity Blockchain Labs and aims to be the best EOS crypto wallet worldwide.

Users of the wallet can store different coins and tokens. In addition to EOS, which is the base currency for the wallet, users can store NEO NEP 5-tokens, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and all other ERC-20 tokens. The wallet is designed with a Touch ID feature that enables it to operate faster and conveniently without compromising the security of the assets.

Another important feature of the Infinito EOS wallet is the ability to support multiple languages. The wallet supports up to 12 languages, with an intuitive interface that even beginners can understand with ease. The user remains the custodian of the private keys with full encryption of both the private keys and the passphrase.

#2 Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet

Launched in 2018, non-custodial Atomic Wallet has already been known as a popular solution for managing EOS as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Polkadot, Uniswap, and other top coins with 500+ assets. It’s available for all the main desktop OS, iOS & Android, and offers a wide range of features that are appreciated by more than 500,000 app’s users.

Being a decentralized wallet, it makes managing your portfolio safe and secure as only you have access to your funds. The private keys are encrypted only on your device and never leave it. Besides that, using Atomic is anonymous. All the basic features and instant exchange don’t require creating an account, passing KYC, or any verification. In case you have any inquiries or issues with the wallet, an excellent 24/7 support service is available for you. 

As for the features, you can buy 19 assets directly on the wallet with your bank card of 17 fiat currencies including USD, EUR, GDP, etc, worldwide. To gain a passive income from crypto, you may check out decentralized staking that is now available for 10 PoS assets with 5-23% APR. 

Other benefits include participation in the Atomic Wallet membership program. For using a built-in anonymous exchange service, you will get cashback in Atomic Wallet native token AWC every time.

#3. GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet

EOS Wallet website: https://eosvoter.eosphere.io/vote

EOS Wallet type: Web (Scatter extension)

Ease of use: Intuitive UI

Safe: High security with additional validation SSL Certificate

Cost: Paid

The GreyMass EOS Voter wallet seeks to initiate tools that will enable a better understanding of the EOS network and to improve ease of use to the public. The open-source software serves as the basis of the complete GUI Light Wallet.

The best part of the GreyMass EOS Voter wallet is that it comes with full AES-256 encryption. This implies that the wallet has additional security such that if you happen to leave the wallet, your private keys remain intact in your device. Besides this, you are free to vote an API node of your choice, which is more secure than simply voting through the web interface. In the end, you can support your EOS coins and vote for producers using the same device. This gives users the opportunity to securely launch and approve the main EOS network.

#4. Lumi Crypto Wallet

EOS Wallet website: https://lumiwallet.com/

EOS Wallet type: Desktop / Mobile Wallet

Ease of use: Easy to use, available on iOS and Android, supports multiple coins and tokens

Safe: Not as secure and safe as an offline wallet

Cost: Free

This cryptocurrency wallet has been created in order to offer solutions to cryptocurrency users and EOS holders that want to easily store and manage their funds. 

This wallet has been developed having in mind the demands of beginner and advanced users. Individuals will be the only owners of their mnemonic phrases and those in control of the funds. 

Some of the other cryptocurrencies supported by this wallet include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH). At the same time, users can handle more than 1200 ERC-20 tokens based on Etheruem as well. 

The team behind Lumi Wallet is always working in order to offer new solutions and services to the cryptocurrency community. At the same time, they are very user-focused trying to be always in line with the expectations that followers and users have. 

Moreover, the Lumi Team is into white label development, meaning that if there are some developers that are working on building and designing a cryptocurrency wallet they can always share any problem or trouble with the team.

#5. Freewallet

EOS Wallet website: https://freewallet.org/eos-wallet

EOS Wallet type: Multicurrency; supports both mobile devices and web version

Ease of use: simple, intuitive UI

Safe: highly secure

Cost: Paid

The Freewallet was designed as a backup system for users who do not remember their passphrases or their private keys. The wallet is highly secure, allowing users to freeze their accounts and have access to other devices. With Freewallet, users are able to store their digital currencies securely and even add an additional layer of security through e-mail or mobile number verification. Based on its features, the Freewallet is one of the best EOS wallets.

Compared to other EOS wallets, Freewallet enables users to create a free EOS account while other EOS Wallets simply provide users with the option to import the wallets. The only downside of the Freewallet is it supports custodian wallet service, which means that the users of this wallet have no opportunity to access the private keys of the wallets.

#6. Guarda Wallet

EOS Wallet website: https://guarda.com/

EOS Wallet type: Multicurrency; supports both coins and tokens

Ease of use: simple, intuitive UI

Safe: highly secure EOS crypto wallet

Cost: Paid

This multicurrency wallet is ideal for both EOS coins and other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Ripple, and Dash among others. Guarda wallet is highly reliable, safe, and easy to handle by any device. Compared to other wallets, Guarda does not store client details, including private keys or wallet data.

The private key remains in the secure memory of the device, where it deletes itself as soon as you log out of the wallet. With this feature, Guarda is one of the highly recommended EOS wallets. Importantly, users can move their digital assets from one coin to another seamlessly without involving complex verification procedures, limits, or registration.

#7. SimplEOS Wallet

EOS Wallet website: https://eosrio.io/simpleos/

EOS Wallet type: Only for the EOS network; supports Windows, Linux, and Mac

Ease of use: simple, intuitive UI

Safe: highly secure

Cost: Paid

The SimplEOS wallet supports only the EOS network. The device is integrated with features that operate on the EOS.io software. While it only works for the EOS ecosystem, the device is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. This makes it one of the best wallets for EOS. The wallet is a product of EOS Rio, and it enjoys both transparency and security, which are the requisitions for most wallets.

It’s important to note that SimplEOS is mainly applicable to desktops where users can easily import their EOS Mainnet private keys in order to claim their EOS Mainnet tokens. Once you download the wallet, you can easily store, send and receive your EOS coins. Moreover, the wallet, which works well with EOS airdrops, can support several accounts as well. It also comes with a voting portal.

One notable drawback of the SimplEOS wallet is its inability to support multiple crypto coins and tokens. Currently, the wallet can only support EOS coins, but could diversify in the future.

#8. Scatter EOS Wallet

EOS Wallet website: https://get-scatter.com/

EOS Wallet type: Web-based; Compatible with desktop; has Chrome extension

Ease of use: New users find it a little confusing

Safe: highly secure

Cost: Paid

The Scatter EOS wallet enables users to conduct transactions on the EOS network using their private keys from the web without exposing them. The wallet enables them to provide personal data easily, only when they need to. In terms of security, the Scatter EOS wallet is highly secure, which makes it qualify for this listing. If you’re looking for the best EOS wallet, then Scatter is worth considering. The wallet also enjoys convenient EOS management and positive user reviews.

The wallet is an extension of Google Chrome, designed to help users connect with the EOS network. By using the Single Sign On (SSO) feature that utilizes asymmetric encryption, users can easily conduct transactions and access applications without exposing their private key or personal data.

With Scatter, all the important information remains on your device, and can only be transferred to another blockchain in the form of an irreversible mixture of numbers and characters. Currently, the wallet supports the EOS and Ethereum networks. They hope to add more blockchains in future.

#9. imToken Wallet

EOS Wallet website: https://token.im/

EOS Wallet type: Web-based; multicurrency

Ease of use: Easy to use

Safe: highly secure

Cost: Free

The imToken is a multicurrency wallet that supports EOS, BTC, and ETH among others. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, imToken is the largest Ethereum wallet worldwide, with nearly six million users. With this EOS wallet, users have the opportunity to transact and store multiple currencies. Those who already own a digital wallet can simply import the imToken wallet. Another option is to create an EOS wallet from their website. In that case, you’ll have to pay ETH as the fee.

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