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How to Make Money With Your PC Turned On With Gladius.io Network

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Gladius Network is an ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain that provides an avenue for PC users to rent out unused bandwidths to protecting sites against DDoS attacks and also assisting them in delivering their web pages in quick time.

In today’s world, speed is everything. People don’t want to wait for so long to get the information they require over the Internet delivered to them. They don’t or can’t afford to wait long hours to chat with that loved one. Thing need to happen instantly if companies have to make a good revenue then they require lots of audiences to make this huge figures to remain in business. But how do they intend keeping their audiences when it takes a while to get their sites displayed (or the site completely shut down by a DDoS attack), and an audience has to wait for long to get the site viewed. That will be a lousy user experience, and this can make giant companies lose huge revenue yearly.

How The System Works

With Gladius.io, users can earn money with their desktops by running the Gladius.io Desktop Client on their computers in the background. Unlike mining, users running this application irrespective of their operating system do not generate new tokens but get paid as part of their network bandwidth, and computer space is being utilized to deliver websites faster to audiences around the world.

The Gladius.io Desktop Client

The Desktop Node Clients are lightweights applications that can run in the background. Major operating systems currently support it. The clients are interfaces to connect to pool networks where all the work takes place. Though each node is crucial to the ecosystem, having any node go down has no effect at all to loss of protection or site delivery on over the blockchain.

The node lets the computers on which they are installed verify and send requests back to the pool for approved applications and also blocks out malicious requests over the Internet. Every valid request means more money for the node client and that node is awarded a higher percentage of the token which is real money values.

Gladius Token Sale

Gladius Network is giving early birds an opportunity to acquire their token for a little before the token goes live. Tokens obtained at ICO come with huge percentages you don’t get when the project is up and running. All tokens purchased during the ICO with Ethereum has a specific Gladius Token you get in return. These tokens are required for payment to pool nodes by websites, it also enables you in participating in renting out your bandwidth and storage space, pay for CDN, and lastly to create pools.

ICO Schedules
  • There’s going to be a private and public pre-token sale.
  • Private Pre-Token Sale is ongoing and is scheduled to end November, 23rd 2017. To participate, you need to send a mail to send a mail to [email protected] or join their official Telegram group.
  • Public Pre-Token Sale is scheduled to begin November 24th and will end December 30th, 2017. You get 600 Gladius Token with 20% bonus on every Ethereum you donate.
  • Main Public Sales of Gladius Token starts 14th January 2018 and is scheduled to last for four weeks.
  • The first week of the Public Sale, you get 525 tokens per Ethereum and a 5% bonus as well.
  • The second week, 515 tokens per Ethereum and 3% bonus.
  • The third week, you get 505 tokens with 1% bonus for every Ethereum donated.
  • The fourth week, 500 Gladius Tokens per Ethereum with no reward.

To participate in Gladius Token Sale, you need to Register Here.

Gladius.io Programmes and Launch Schedules
  • October 15, 2017 – Private Pre-Sale and outward fundraising begins (live now)
  • October 30, 2017 – Alpha platform release to enable users to test the use of Gladius Tokens.
  • November 24, 2017 – Public presale opening
  • January 14, 2018 – Public ICO
  • March 2018 – DDoS and CDN Launch.
  • August 2018 – Full Network Launch.
  • December 2018 – System will be optimized for better performance.
In Conclusion

The Gladius.io Network is sure going to be a game changer if it finally launches. Using the power of Blockchain, combining all resources as possible to bring efficiency and more security on the web is something to invest. The opportunity to make money while releasing unused resources is also just incredible and something to get the Internet excited.

Table of Contents


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