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Microsoft And Space And Time Collaborate To Bring Blockchain Data To Azure Marketplace

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Microsoft and Space and Time have jointly revealed that developers can now easily integrate the Space and Time data warehouse straight from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The Azure Marketplace is an online store that provides a wide range of applications and services for use on the Azure cloud computing platform. The one-click deployment enables customers to access, manage, and conduct analytics on blockchain-native data quickly and easily.

Microsoft is dedicated to assisting with its customer’s and partners’ business requirements, including Web3 scenarios and use cases, as a frontrunner in intelligent computing and AI. In September 2022, Space and Time received funding from M12, which is Microsoft’s venture capital fund.

Developers can now utilize a trustless intermediary to rapidly and easily onboard huge volumes of enterprise data to smart contracts and new use cases for indexed blockchain data due to the one-click rollout of Space and Time on the Azure Marketplace.

Kathleen Mitford, who holds the CVP of Global Industry Marketing position at Microsoft, expressed that the company is empowering growth across emerging markets, including blockchain and distributed data. She stated that Microsoft Azure and Space and Time would collectively offer developers the necessary tools to construct the next generation of blockchain use cases.

Firms may benefit from a decentralized data warehouse without redesigning their current infrastructure because of the integration, which enables them to build on the blockchain without compromising security or processing power.

A trustworthy set of services and tools are accessible for developing Web3 apps in this new era of ubiquitous computing due to the extensive Microsoft Azure cloud services and sector-leading identity and security capabilities.

Leading provider of Web3 data warehousing, Space and Time, combines off-chain datasets supplied by customers with real-time data indexed from significant blockchains. Free real-time indexed blockchain data is pre-loaded into the Space and Time combined transactional and analytic (HTAP) data warehouse.

Customers may quickly integrate the Space and Time data warehouse with their current business infrastructure with the one-click implementation. Creating links between blockchain data and Azure computation is expected to unlock new potential use cases for base-layer blockchains and decentralized application developers.
The CEO and co-founder of Space and Time, Nate Holiday, has underlined the growing importance of verifiable data across blockchains, enterprises, and AI. He stated that their company offers businesses the capability to integrate blockchain data into their applications and operations, which is crucial for customer expansion and responsible data management. Nate also mentioned that he is thrilled to extend their collaboration with Microsoft to link enterprise data assets with blockchain and AI advancements.

Table of Contents


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