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Mini Royale: Nations Overview and Review

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Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations is a browser-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed on the Solana blockchain. It blends shooting, strategy, as well as social interactions. Players will fight continuously for control over the Mini Royale’s world. The virtual world is made up of players who can conquer the land, or even buy directly. Members can also join clans or join alliances.

What Makes Mini Royale: Nations Unique?

We know that the community of players has long wanted to see an enticing FPS game on the blockchain as Mini Royale Nations could be the thing. Mini Royale Nations is an FPS featuring mechanics that are similar to games of the past like Counter-Strike or Fortnite. Because the game is based on browsers it has blocky, low-poly graphics, which lower its resource consumption and enable it to play on nearly any computer.

Mini Royale game universe is made out of islands. Each has three distinct categories: The Fortress, The Jungle, The Beach, The Beach, and The Beach. Each zone comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. Every player begins as the leader of a nation that is independent. The aim is to build the most powerful kingdom possible by fighting with your rivals and your neighbors over resources and territory. In addition to enemies and rivals as well, you have to battle zombies in the form of hordes.

Mini Royale: Nations

This guide offers everything you need to learn about the game. It begins with a brief overview of the game’s characteristics before delving into other aspects such as gameplay, tokenomics, the team, etc. And since this is an NFT game, consider checking out our comprehensive guide on what is an NFT and how to make an NFT from scratch to advance your knowledge of this new phenomenon.

What Type Of Game Is Mini Royale: Nations?

Mini Royale: Nations is a shooter that has different games of PvP as well as PvE options. Players are able to compete at tournaments and complete missions and also collect costumes, weapons as well as buildings, land, pets, and more. The game’s main focus is clan-based events, as well as the capture of territory and control.

Mini Royale: Nations feature different game modes that include PvE or co-op (player against the enemies) as well as competitive and PVP (player against player). The game modes that PVE games can play include:

  • Boss raids –  Players will go through several layers of defense before they beat a boss at the end. A variety of special equipment will be available to use.
  • Missions – Players will battle AI bots and accomplish their objectives through open-world missions that are generated programmatically.
  • Defense – Defend yourself from an assault of attacks from the incoming waves of enemies.
  • Sniper mode or Hunt mode – Time-based mode in which players have to eliminate the AI of a set number of opponents within a certain time frame.
  • Heists – Players are able to participate in various Heists that require a different level of skill, tactic, and stealth.
  • World events – Events with a limited-time duration that use the different PVE game modes, but also have the race mechanic, where teams that are able to meet the goals or tasks first will be awarded.
Mini Royale: Nations

What Is Mini Royale: Nations Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Mini Royale Nations was designed in a manner that encourages and rewards social behavior. The primary game design principle is to facilitate trade between the two kinds of gamers in MRN which are: Competitive Shooter Players as well as Strategic Land Owners / Builders. In its simplest model, the Shooters are rewarded in tokens and items required by Land Owners and Builders, while the Land Owners/Builders will get items that are needed by the Shooters. The two groups will then trade with each other to gain what they are most interested in.

Mini Royale: Nations


Mini Royale: Nations is live and available for play in the browser. The game is continually being updated, however, the roadmap isn’t included in the latest whitepaper. The Mini Royale: Nations team says they’ll add a roadmap to the second version of the whitepaper. However, the exact date of when this will happen isn’t known.

What Is Mini Royale: Nations Use-Case?

Mini Royale: Nations (MRN) is a free-to-play skill-based shooter that offers different PvP and multiplayer game modes to suit every kind of player. The shooter’s core game is built on the land control aspect of a social strategy game with an intense focus on alliances, clans along with social mechanics. The game economy encourages social behavior as well as is intended to provide an ongoing experience developed by and for the community.

Mini Royale: Nations

What Is Mini Royale: Nations Monetization Strategy?

At present, Mini Royale players can earn money by trading NFT armor and skins for weapons. In the near future, following the launch of Land plots, as well as Clan Tournaments participants will also be able to earn $CHEDDAR tokens and $ROYALE tokens through the management and defense of their Land as well as by the winning of Clan Tournaments. To obtain SOL in this game players do not need to invest in it, it’s enough to play. What is the process? Every season begins with a Battle Pass. Once they reach a certain level of BP the user will be given an NFT reward, which is skins for games.

Mini Royale: Nations

What is Mini Royale: Nations Tokenomics?

In the game Mini Royale: Nations players can earn and use two tokens: the CHEDDAR token and the ROYALE token. CHEDDAR is the currency in-game with an unlimited supply. Its goal is to reward players who participate in various social interactions during the game.

ROYALE, on the other hand, is the game’s token of governance and will permit its owners or the community to take part in voting on various ideas and influence the decisions regarding game features, game economy, content releases, as well as prize pools. The token is of a finite supply, and can be staked to get additional rewards.

Who Is The Team Behinds Mini Royale: Nations?

Mini Royale: Nations team members have lots of experience and have been involved in huge game projects as well as consumer technology products. The company’s founder Alex Paley previously held executive roles in tech companies like Scopely, Halo Kitchens, and Glu Mobile together with Co-founder Dennis Zdonov. These are the only two individuals on the executive team that are listed on Mini Royale: Nations whitepaper with links to their company profiles.

Who Are The Partners Behinds Mini Royale: Nations?

Mini Royale: Nations team was successful in raising $30 million of funding from a variety of investors and partners in seeding rounds supported by crypto exchanges, FTX, and known companies on the blockchain, including Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, and Solana Ventures.

Mini Royale: Nations

What Was Mini Royale: Nations Release Date?

Mini Royale Nations game was launched in October of 2021. If you’re interested in playing the game check out the official website.

When Was Mini Royale: Nations Pre-Sale?

Faraway launched a series of 10,000 in-game items sold as Solana NFTs on December 9, 2021, and then activated them within the game on December 16 same year. According to Faraway, the NFT sale which took place on Solana marketplace Magic Eden brought in $1.3 million and sold out in 30 seconds.

Final Thoughts

Mini Royale: Nations

Faraway has taken Mini Royale: Nations to the next level by including NFTs as well as the DeFi systems in the game. By using this method, players are transported to a different world through the play of the classic game. The project thus provides the gaming industry with a fresh experience and added value. This is a positive improvement in the industry of gaming. Now we have to wait and see how if this game will dominate the crypto gaming community and how they will achieve that goal.

Did you find this game review helpful? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you thought in the comments below. We’ll keep sharing new developments with you, so keep checking back for more updates.

Official Website and Social Accounts

Website: https://miniroyale.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiniNations

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/miniroyale

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