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How To Make An NFT?


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NFTs / Crypto Basics

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Non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs, are digital assets that can be used to represent physical or virtual objects with proof of ownership backed on the blockchain. This makes it easy to prove the authenticity of a piece of art, certificate, music, and so on, and this has given creators power who for years have suffered from piracy and intermediaries. As Web2 evolves into Web3, NFTs promise to play a crucial role, especially in the development of the metaverse, as they will be used to prove ownership of virtual identity, possessions, and so on. This guide will focus on how to make an NFT in a few short steps. If you have a programming background, you can even write and deploy your own NFT smart contract by following this link.

Types Of NFTs You Can Make

Coingecko categorizes the NFT marketplace into eight segments; art, music, collectibles, games, sports, metaverse, utility, and financial. Depending on your specialty, you can base your NFT project on any of the above broad categories.   

Pick A Blockchain To Mint Your NFT

When deciding where to mint an NFT, you must pick the right blockchain network as this is the technology your clients will be interacting with. It’s important to consider the technology’s cost, usability, and future support. Also, you need to consider the commissions charged for the minting and who will pay for it. That said, plenty of protocols allow users to mint NFTs today. Some popular options include Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, Tezos, WAX, EOS, Avalanche, Terra, Flow, Polkadot, and Algorand.

How To Create An NFT On A Marketplace

To create an NFT, you will have to visit a marketplace that allows you to design your digital art and then put it on sale. Thanks to the explosive growth of the sector, plenty of options exist today. Below let us explore how you can create NFTs on different marketplaces.

How To Create An NFT On Opensea

Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace, with over 80% of the market share. There are several reasons why you should opt to use this platform to mint your first NFT, as it covers all types of NFTs from art, music, photography, collectibles, sports, virtual worlds, and so on. Also, you can mint through Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Klatyn. And most importantly, it accepts over 150 cryptocurrencies. 

  • To get started, visit the platform’s official website and click on create.lM4QvqDYp1Wf476ewdQMzOkomg2UpRBYeTJQ0HrAOfo5e5GAg1gaU0H sPvgrdY4sGYqkPiNGup
  • The next step involves connecting to any of the available wallets. If you don’t have one, you can create. Accept the terms of service and proceed. XdW1WyheWJ v1YKxZ 0FSOxKEtHOGfIyiAFjZjZj92Nyd47YtL5rdE adzKc8
  • You will be taken to an NFT item creation page where you can upload an image, video, audio, or 3D model, then name it and add a description.q29r yF2qe5qe pdGNmkef6KRJ3ZAPogNBBHghuYLeAh4SWqN4HfdI2JjDqG2Dx2paxejDyxnPwh2bJNYUT3FwyVuxALPMbCXgPyND8CQIs 77uLU9iCByZiKVGUbYhEHEPBKAal8tR5u7v3gNDbdvw
  • When you are done with filling in the fields above, you can proceed to further customize your NFT by adding it to an existing collection or adding properties, levels, and stats. It’s also possible to add unlockable content.2JtPI3Aanz0Oai7RDYD5ub UL9MobAbcbAgA2XftrSnKbRANI9oeWLOPpMlkRZpNuiPCi7cyLtQygBQw7aIs1DeF0uj9a6
  • Towards the end, you will notice an option to select the network you would like to mint the NFT on. By default, it’s Ethereum; however, there is Polygon, Klaytn, and Solana. Then complete the process by clicking “create.”06q tw9Ds VMoVN7wyFhn6IlKRpugDs1Og AOICQTRP wuQpQlU223bqXwUQ3b0i pSlXujvundG98kKyTYgVepYOUfPCg2fKgFSbgGTVLg5lecBmusngJWJ7skXLh6b3V8lgD2ocX5Zu95ucCgiLY

How To Create An NFT On Rarible

This is another Ethereum-based platform that allows users to create, buy and sell NFTs based on things such as photographs, games, and memes. This platform prides itself as a community-centric NFT marketplace that can allow you to turn your products or services into publicly tradable items. 

  • To mint your first NFT on Rarible, you will have to select a network where you intend to do it. So far, there are four supported; Ethereum, Solana, Flow, and Polygon. Remember, different networks will charge varying minting fees.nAQIfeIYOwEb6TE4DCkIx6JhQsByU3Nh0GKKKAbSk1CbAY
  • Click on “Connect Wallet” and choose your preferred option.H2YZw3d4vvO7W3 IPcUhINWRzBXj8XDfgcv2eDkAAZmYRJdO6z6TE R7r852hq9WtmxXfRpfsbhVERp0eVpuFOKXaizJJZi0hM54e fkDs9zwSa5BYl M SrgQPGuz3MzyCyihMUQPyrWeV497z5A
  • Finish setting up your account by entering a display name plus email to be notified whenever your NFT sells or receives an offer. Remember to agree to the terms of service and then click on “Finish sign-up.”k1G5oJAfFkonOoGqs3uNOs719a
  • Proceed to “Create” on the top bar. Then select your network and then choose the type, either single or multiple.90rZi7JKjKZof8q7BEHGy
  • Now it’s time to upload your file, which can be in PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, or MP3 format. Remember to keep it under 100 MB in size.UxLu2kqOlnzTsBlGDPYGRehTWmxAsbUrwy8PyBg27frb2drqqU aWEDMRakKgG7eOZ rQNjnT9i1hyhNr8yUM6Zw7lQGIqoFaDGEHCMAX8EKKKgNuIU0y2AyUJwb7AEWKU74CqbYbR1i2 8qjrS Gq0
  • Choose a collection for your NFT to make it easier to find, or you can go with the default RARI collection.
  • Then give your art an attention-grabbing title and add a compelling description that will make it irresistible to buyers. 
  • The next step involves choosing the sale type. This can be fixed price, open auction, or timed auction. 
  • Then select the royalties you want to receive from every secondary sale.
  • There is an option to add unlockable content like secret links, vectors or files, and other things.
  • Finally, enable free minting to skip gas fees, i.e., if you want to. 

After you are done with the above steps, it’s time to bring your NFT to life by clicking on “Create item.” Proceed to sign the transaction with your wallet, and the NFT will be listed on Rarible. 

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How To Create An NFT On Binance

Binance is a leading crypto exchange that has diversified its offering over the years, allowing various crypto services to take place under the same platform. The latest addition to their long list of offerings is the ability to create and trade NFTs. 

The first step is to sign up on the platform by visiting the official website. Then proceed to verify your account by submitting a copy of your ID/passport and facial scanning. Once the account is verified, visit the NFT section and click “Create.”4zZDLsvQL2s bu6c5OPy8 4mSKef95IqwMS V 091x2imP3nHWwJHgv 2n5fZkQazW66SojkQXONqauH6xKS8SWqahEtpl

You will notice you need at least 5 followers on your profile to be allowed to mint your NFT. Proceed to share your profile using social media handles to gain some followers before you are allowed to proceed. 

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The next step involves creating an NFT collection that has to be approved. On the Binance NFT Marketplace homepage, click on “Create,” where you will be redirected to the minting page. Click on “+ Collection.” Ensure you have sufficient BNB or ETH balance in your spot wallet to cover the fees.

You will be redirected to create a collection page where you will have to enter key details about the collection, including name, description, category, logo image, banner image, network (BNB Smart Chain or Ethereum), and symbol to track the token. Also, you can add the smart contract owner’s address; however, this is optional. This involves binding a wallet to the collection, and it’s crucial if you want to claim ownership of your collection on the DeFi marketplaces. 

To bind a wallet, copy and paste the wallet address and then click “Add a Wallet.” You will be redirected to the “Connect Wallet” page.

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Choose the network of your wallet and select “confirm.” You will notice there is an option to go with BNB Smart Chain (BSC) or Ethereum (ETH). Proceed to select the wallet you want to connect. This can be MetaMask or WalletConnect.

After you are done, proceed to read and agree to the Binance NFT minting rules and terms of service, then click “Create.” Then click on “Continue.” 


By creating the collection, you will get an independent, smart contract deployed for you, which might take a while to execute. Once everything is set up, you will receive an email notification. Now you are all set to mint your NFTs on Binance. 

  • Visit the NFT marketplace homepage and select “Create.”
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • You will be taken to a minting page where you have to enter details for the NFT, including name, description, network, select the collection it will be part of, and add properties.
  • After filling in all the details, you will see an estimated minting fee. Proceed to read and agree to the minting rules and click “Create.” 
  • The file will be reviewed and uploaded if it doesn’t breach any of the platform rules. You can click on the view item to see it before listing it for sale. 


This is by no means an exhaustive list. Plenty more platforms allow one to create and sell digital art. Some will even allow you to write and deploy your own code if you are technically adept, or you can opt for the simplified protocols like the ones listed above, where by following a few simple steps, you can bring your NFT to life.