The Monero Integration Project: Making Online Payments With Monero Easier and Faster

Accepting the Monero cryptocurrency on your store without a third party/middleman as never been more comfortable until now. SerHack, who is a famous developer and security researcher has made this development possible and easily accessible for those who intend collecting Monero payments on their website.

With Monero being one of the most secure and scalable cryptocurrencies, it has gradually come into limelight and has gotten so many attention that has led to massive trades which has driven the value up.

Until now, you needed a payment processing platform to collect payments. They receive and send you your share of the money after their percentage for each transaction has been removed. With the Monero Integration Project, on the other hand, all your earnings come to you. Also, you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up an account on third-party sites.

You Start Receiving Money To Your Wallet In 3 Steps

The open-source program is available for all major CMS (content management system) available out there. The currently accepted ones are: WooCommerce, PrestaShop, WHMCS (web host manager complete solution), Magento and they are currently working on the plugin program for OpenCart. Also, to confirm payments without any issues, you need to have installed the Monero Wallet RPC on your VPS/Server. If you have problems configuring it, maybe their official guide might help.

First Step

Install the Monero Plugin program for your CMS application.

The first step is pretty quick and easy. If you can click through a couple of screens, then you should be able to go through this stage even though you are not a techy person. You are to download the plugin compatible with your CMS application here. After this process, you are already a lot closer to receiving your first payment via your website.

Second Step

You probably have a Monero wallet, and if you don’t, you need not worry. There are some options for you to start accepting Monero. The MyMonero Web Wallet, or the Monero Desktop Wallet are the best options right now . Ledger is currently working on hardware support. Though they’re not done yet, they’ll probably be the first hardware wallet with Monero support on the market. Now that you have a wallet address for your website, it’s time to implement the next step.

Connect Your Monero Wallet To The Plugin

With the Monero Integration Plugin, you choose where your money goes. Whichever wallet you decide to hold your cryptos you only need to get your address, input the address on the plugin and you start accepting Monero right away.

Final Step

Manage Your Money

You are now the custodian of your cryptos; you are your own bank. Having the Monero Integration installed on your website saves you all the hassles of having to deal with a third party processing platform. Now you can sell a lot cheaper than your competitors because you don’t have to include processing fee on every product after all. All crypto transactions on your website come directly into the wallet you have specified.

What’s more?

They got a great support that’s always available to work hand-in-hand with you in setting up or solving any problems you might encounter while trying to integrate the Monero Plugin on your site. And the best part? The support is 100% free. Here again, you save some hundreds of dollars in getting a professional hired.

Check out the Monero Integration Project today and give it a trial.

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