Moscow Launches Ethereum Voting System

On December the fourth, Moscow’s authorities announced a pilot project in order to implement a blockchain-based voting system for the Active Citizen platform. This platform allows citizens to be part of the decisions of the city. With this Ethereum voting system, the Moscow City will be the first one in the world that will implement blockchain technology in e-voting in such a large scale.

Voting Systems Changing With Blockchain Technology

This new voting system based in blockchain will allow citizens to become a node of a peer-to-peer network and will be able to record and store the database of votes. Votes will become a smart contract that is publicly available and transparent.  This is an important step towards a more democratic, fair and less corrupt voting system.

“We are excited to improve the credibility and transparency of e-voting system in Moscow by introducing blockchain. We believe that blockchain will increase trust between the citizens and the government. We aim to hit 2 million users in the near future who are ready to influence the city life,” commented on the matter Artem Ermolaev, CIO of Moscow.

The architecture of the Active Citizen program does not change, its preserved in order that the citizens could work with a known platform. The intention is to test failure reliability, resilience to updates, speed, data processing and correct synchronization of nodes.

Active Citizen was launched in 2014 and has gathered more than 1.9 million users. Almost 90 million opinions were given about different topics in more than 2750 polls held. Muscovites have decided transport routes, trees planting, expansion of bike lines, wi-fi services, and name for new subway stations.

Andrey Belozerov, strategy and innovation advisor to the CIO of Moscow has spoken with ETHNews about the implementation of blockchain technology for the voting system.

“User’s personal data and his unique ID (which does not contain any personal data) are matched on a secure server, located in closed network segment. This concept guarantees to protect the personal data of each voter. We have been employing this concept for 3 years, so blockchain is to employ the same concept,” he said.

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