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Mysterious Address Acquires 118k BTC in Three Months – bc1ql49ydapnjafl5t2cp9zqpjwe6pdgmxy98859v2

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A mysterious address acquired 118,000 Bitcoin (BTC) in a period of just three months, becoming one of the largest Bitcoin holders in the world as we speak. The BTC wallet bc1ql49ydapnjafl5t2cp9zqpjwe6pdgmxy98859v2 became the third-largest BTC wallet address with 118,300 BTC with a value of over $3.075 billion, according to BitInfoCharts

Mysterious Address Acquires 118K in BTC in Three Months

There is a mysterious Bitcoin address that is purchasing large amounts of BTC. The Bitcoin wallet bc1ql49ydapnjafl5t2cp9zqpjwe6pdgmxy98859v2 has received 118,300 BTC in recent months and it continues to add BTC to its already large stack. 

Usually, when a Bitcoin holder purchases large amounts of BTC, it splits the amounts in different wallets to avoid the risks of holding everything in just one address. It is worth taking into consideration that only exchanges hold larger amounts of BTC in different addresses. Therefore, the market is following very closely this wallet address. 

While purchases have slowed down in recent weeks, this address purchased Bitcoin regularly for several months with transactions that fluctuated between 1,700 BTC and 16,650 BTC. In the very beginning, the wallet was tested and it received a small amount in BTC and it tried to also send funds to another wallet. 

The main question is: who this mysterious wallet belongs to? This is something that the crypto community is trying to answer. At the moment, there is no clue about it, but we could see the answer in the future.

Table of Contents


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