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NANO Unreal Engine Plugin Allows Users To Earn Crypto While Playing Games

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Game developers can now integrate NANO into Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) games. Although in beta, developers can start using NANO microtransactions for games. Interested developers can integrate the plugin into their games. 

Earn NANO By Playing Games

In the future, users will be able to earn NANO rewards for playing games. According to a recent post on Reddit, NANO can now be directly integrated into UE4 games. 

At the same time, it is possible to see a video in which micro-transactions take place in the ActionRPG game. 

Users will be able to select their character, start fighting against other creatures and receive NANO rewards every single time they kill an enemy. 

With the rewards, users can later purchase goods and services inside the game and everything is paid using the NANO cryptocurrencies through fee-less microtransactions. 

Moreover, it is possible to request NANO from a faucet that would be embedded in the game the user is playing. 

When the user starts playing, the funds will be directly moved into a newly created wallet that will be managed by the user. It is also possible to see all the transactions taking place on the wallet in real-time as the game moves forward. 

A Redditor explained that this is a very positive implementation. He mentioned that kids will not need to have a limited bank account for playing games. Parents can simply send some funds to the wallet that could be spent in-game. 

Nevertheless, he accepts that there are some issues and challenges that the whole industry must face before this becomes the norm. 

About it, the user mentioned:

“It won’t work by itself – it will still need the recognition that you have to purchase virtual currency for real currency with which you can purchase different virtual currency. This is where the actual challenge is and will be.”

It is worth mentioning that the units in the game seem to be confusing. The HUD displays NANO but things are paid in unites that are worth 10^-6 less than a NANO. 

That means that spells and other in-game purchases will cost just factions of USD rather than large amount of money. Using NANO micropayments it is possible for users to avoid using credit cards that do not allow them to process small payments. 

At the time of writing this article, NANO is the 50th largest cryptocurrency and it has a market capitalization of $104 million. 

Table of Contents


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