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NEO Celebrates MainNet’s Third Anniversary

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The NEO Mainnet is currently celebrating its third anniversary since it was launched back on October 2016.

In order to commemorate this day, the Neo Foundation decided to write an open letter to the community. At the same time, Neo is now experiencing a brand revamp and new website launch. 

NEO Celebrates Its Third Anniversary

Neo is currently celebrating its third anniversary after being released to the market. There are several activities that are being promoted by the Neo Foundation and the community to commemorate this special day. 

Neo co-founders, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang will be participating in an AMA the coming week on Reddit. 

In the open letter written by the Neo Foundation, they decided to thank the community members and contributors for joining the team in this journey. 

The Neo foundation wrote about it:

“Within the past three years, we have achieved tremendous success with your support and passion. As we build towards a more open, connected, and efficient world, we are also experimenting with interoperability protocols that are aimed at overcoming challenges facing blockchain.”

At the same time, the team behind Neo decided to unveil a new logo, fonts and brand colours. This would allow the project to look into the future with a clean new face. 

The Neo.org website has already been updated and it wants to offer more intuitive navigation and better communication for the Neo community. 

At the same time, NGD is currently conducting a social media campaign distributing 50 unique three-year anniversary gift boxes to community members. 

MixMarvel To Issue 2 Million GHT Tokens 

MixMarvel, a game-publishing platform is currently conducting a token giveaway to promote the upcoming launch of Ground Hunter. This is a first-person shooter (FPS) game that incorporates a NEP-5 token called GHT. 

Now, MixMarvel will conduct pre-sale packages, host giveaways and a referral campaign that will distribute an equivalent to 2 million GHT tokens among the community. 

Those that want to receive the coins in the airdrop will have to register themselves at GHT.one and open an account. After it, the participant will join the Ground Hunter Telegram channel. In addition to it, they will have to fill out an additional form. 

Neo continues expanding in the market after three years since it was released. At the time of writing this article, Neo is the 22nd largest cryptocurrency in the market with a valuation of $506 million and a price per coin of $7.19. 

Table of Contents


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