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NEO News Roundup – Guardian Circle Expands, NEO3 Updates and Scam Alert

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The NEO ecosystem continues to expand despite the global pandemic and the situation of the Coronavirus. Developers and projects continue to work in order to offer new solutions and products to the market. In this article, we will share some of the latest news related to NEO, projects related to it and more. 

Guardian Circle to Expand in the “Panic Button” Industry

Guardian Circle continues to expand with emergency response solutions for hospital and service industry workers. During a recent interview with Antony Pompliano, the CEO of Guardian Circle, Mark Jeffrey, explained that there is a $1 billion market that requires new solutions. 

Services providers and employees registered several incidents in the last years. For example, a large number of hotel workers and casino employees have been sexually harassed while doing their job. In the United States, there are several laws that are pushing for employees to have a panic button that would call for immediate assistance in case it is needed. 

Guardian Circle is working with NFC solutions and with a dApp that is called Guardian Circle allowing for workers to get the best solutions in panic buttons in the market. 

NEO3 Update – Try-Catch Implementation

NEO continues with the development of smart contracts and creating efficient solutions for market participants. NEO is working with the NeoVM that will execute a wide range of smart contracts created by developers. Now, NEO is working on a new exception handling system that requires several new opcodes. 

Chuan Lu, protocol group leader at Neo Global Development Shanghai, explained how TryStack and ExceptionHandlingContext work. When an exception is encountered, then TryStack can be searched for a try-catch that would be able to handle the exception. 

This would require the execution of a contract to be paused until different conditions are met. 

Scam Alert – Telegram Chats

Users are being requested to donate NEO in order to finance a giveaway campaign using Telegram channels and groups. This is certainly not real and it can push many users to send NEO to a scammer.

Cryptocurrency scams, specifically on Telegram, have been growing in the last years due to a growing interest in cryptocurrencies. Private messages or groups on Telegram asking for NEO coins are not real and not associated with official Neo accounts or programs. This is why you should be careful and avoid sharing your funds with these scammers. 

Neo or associated entities would never be asking individuals to send funds to giveaways. 

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Table of Contents


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