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NEO Price News: FTW on IDAX, Global Development Report and DBC Ambassadors Program

NEO Price News: FTW on IDAX, Global Development Report and DBC Ambassadors Program

In the last month, NEO has made steps toward establishing itself as a leading coin. Its price has dipped 10% in the last month, but the good news below may mean its ready for a comeback. It currently sits above $24, after seeing prices above $27 at the beginning of August; and near $50 in 2018. NEO will need to see its community and DApps start to succeed for that price to turn back to what it was.

FTW Listed on IDAX

The decentralized gambling platform For The Win has announced that it’s listed its FTW token on the International Digital Asset Exchange (IDAX). The platform currently offers a lotto and a blockchain-based lottery game. It plans to launch more games going forward.

The trading pairs added to the exchange are FTW/BTC and FTW/ETH. IDAX sees almost $20 million dollars in trading volume daily.

For The Win runs entirely on the NEO blockchain and transparent experience for online gambling. The games operate using smart contracts.

NEO Global Development Monthly Report: August

The NEO Global Development (NGD) released its monthly report for the month of August. The report talks about developments made, community news, and other general information.

The report highlighted the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition. Hosted by NewEconoLabs (NEL), it featured over 200 different developers from all over the world.

CardMaker received the grand prize of RMB 800,000. CardMaker works with card games and an RPG setting. Users can solve puzzles and create their own cards during the game.

In the development section, the report mentioned the core protocol and the updates related to it. A minimum transaction fee of 0.001 GAS has been proposed to minimize networks attacks. If that does not stop spammers, the fee would rise to 0.01 GAS.

Additionally, NEO-CLI 3.0 is currently being tested. It would include a fix to repeated validation of transactions in the mempool. If everything goes as planned, it would be released as NEO-CLI v2.9.

DeepBrain Chain Global Ambassadors Program

DeepBrain Chain has decided to announce its Global Ambassadors Program. The initiative aims to help people earn different rewards, including the DBC token.

DeepBrain Chain commented on the matter:

“This is a platform where community volunteers can truly display their creativity and productivity, paving the way for AI practitioners and investors to gain knowledge of and join the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem.”

The program accepts signups and the team is waiting for enough Ambassadors to join. As soon as the program reaches 1,000 Ambassadors, DeepBrain Chain will start the first round of incentives.


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