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New Cryptocurrency Exchange LYOTRADE Goes Live

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LYOTRADE is a new cryptocurrency exchange by crypto-payments developer LYOPAY. The exchange advertises having high liquidity, a better fee rate, highly secure, and an aggregation of liquidity and exchanges.

There’s a new player on the cryptocurrency exchange market, LYOTRADE, brought to you by the people who brought us the crypto-payments application LYOPAY.

Launch on 21 February 2022, LYOTRADE is a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange that promises to have one of the biggest liquidity pools in the world, as it is linked to the top 300 exchanges. You’ll be able to trade between almost 800 tokens on the exchange which is one of the highest number of tokens available on any exchange.

New Challenger Approaches

Over the years we’ve seen the number of cryptocurrency exchanges drop massively due to the size of initial investment capital and government crackdowns. As time goes on, we find that there are fewer and fewer cryptocurrency exchanges left in the world. It has been a while since a new player emerged in the exchange world, and we’re very excited that LYOPAY has come out with their new exchange LYOTRADE to fill this gap.

The exchange will allow you to do trade in Swap, Margin, Fiat, and Futures. LYOTRADE will also support different types of wallets on the exchange including digital, over-the-counter, contract, and balance of margin accounts.

Secure and Reliable

LYOTRADE boasts to be a highly secure exchange with a professionally distributed architecture, an anti-DDoS attack system in place, and multiple defense mechanisms. The people behind the exchange have five years of digital asset financial services experience and have managed over $10 billion assets, serving tens of thousands of users, as stated on their website.


Some of the most important features required for a successful exchange have been included in LYOTRADE. These features allow users to make the best of the exchange and get the best prices for their currencies.

Highly Secure Exchange

LYOTRADE is a highly secure exchange with 30 risk control mechanisms implemented, such as, transaction risk control, position risk control, and DDoS protection.

Tiered Trading Fee

The trading fee is offered in a tiered manner with 10 tiers based on the volume traded. The tier-based fee system allows LYOTRADE to offer an ultra-low fee, better pricing for the sector, good orderbook spreads and lower risk hedging.

Supports Most Crypto Pairs

LYOTRADE supports trading pairs of most cryptocurrencies on the market with newer pairs being set up frequently.

Spot, ETF, Swap and Fiat Liquidity

Being an exchange that offers high liquidity, LYOTRADE has high liquidity in different trading types including Spot, Exchange-traded Funds (ETF), Swap and Fiat. You can expect the exchange to have some of the shortest times for conversion into different currencies.

Spot liquidity is one of the most important types of liquidity that an exchange has, and LYOTRADE has some of the fastest. On LYOTRADE, you will be able to convert fiat into cryptocurrencies and vice versa in the shortest amount of time.

On the basis of functionality, users will have the option to choose between basic and advanced versions.

If you’re a newbie to the trading scene, the basic version will give you all the essential details for you to start trading on the platform and buy and sell your coins with ease.

If you’re a veteran and like to take on the slightest margins and highest risks on the different types of trades available, then the advanced version will give you more information to be able to make the best decisions.

This is a wonderful new opportunity for anyone looking to start their journey into trading different cryptocurrencies as LYOTRADE offers a wide range of currencies at a low fee rate. We’re very excited for what the future holds for LYOTRADE and how it can make trading an easy experience. What are you waiting for? Sign up on the LYOTRADE website and start trading today.

To find out more about LYOTRADE and sign up, be sure to visit their website.

To learn about LYOPAY, follow them on their social media.

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Table of Contents


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