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New Kriptomat B2B Products Help Blockchain Developers Onboard Customers

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Kriptomat has launched a pair of business-to-business solutions that empower development teams to onboard customers to their blockchain-based apps and services. The KriptoRamp widget and Crypto Exchange White Label API help developers of Web3 apps and services onboard users quickly and easily.

Around the world, development teams are busy creating the next generation of decentralized applications – dApps – and foundation technology to deliver blockchain-based decentralized financial services, games, utilities, and other applications and services.

These advanced applications will help bring about a new internet architecture – Web3 – and they will collectively create the metaverse.

The apps are already appearing.

One factor slowing the development of a blockchain-based metaverse is that many of these apps require users to establish themselves on the blockchain and purchase cryptocurrency. Customers who want to use a DeFi app or create NFT-based avatars on a gaming platform must first cross the gap that separates today’s offline financial reality from the new ecosystem of blockchain-based digital assets. 

Even the best and most creative Web3 apps can’t succeed if potential customers don’t have any crypto in their blockchain wallets.

The KriptoRamp widget and white-label API

That’s where the Kriptomat family of business-to-business products come in.

Kriptomat offers two solutions to development teams: KriptoRamp and the Crypto Exchange White Label API.

KriptoRamp is a simple widget that can be added to a website or app in minutes with just a few lines of code. KriptoRamp allows customers to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 130 other cryptocurrencies. The widget handles security, EU identity-verification requirements, and even credit card chargebacks.

KriptoRamp is an effective solution for any product or service that depends upon a customer base that owns cryptocurrency. 

For example, a publisher of online video games might use KriptoRamp as part of the registration process so game players can participate in the in-game token economy.

The Kriptomat Crypto Exchange White Label API is a complete solution for projects with more extensive needs. The API lets development teams embed a full cryptocurrency exchange in their websites and apps – using their own branding. Customers can buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies without leaving the developer’s app – and even take advantage of the same powerful but easy-to-use investing and portfolio-building tools that are available on the Kriptomat platform.

Many different kinds of applications and services are now using KriptoRamp and the Crypto Exchange White Label API, including crypto coins and tokens, centralized crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, games, mining pools, NFT platforms, portfolio trackers, crypto-to-crypto swap services, and many more.

About Kriptomat

KriptoRamp and the Crypto Exchange White Label API are business-to-business solutions from Kriptomat, which is best known as a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that makes advanced investing and portfolio-management tools accessible to first-time users who lack a background in blockchain technology or investing.

Europe’s leading licensed and regulated crypto platform, Kriptomat supports users in 20+ languages and allows the purchase, sale, and trade of more than 350 popular cryptocurrencies using US dollars, euros, GB pounds, and other fiat currencies.

Kriptomat was the first European cryptocurrency exchange to earn ISO 27001 data security certification. The platform now boasts four ISO certifications, including certification for regulatory compliance and protection against fraud and bribery. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, Kriptomat maintains offices in countries throughout Europe.

Founded in 2018, Kriptomat has revolutionized the cryptocurrency world with the introduction of the simplest platform in Europe. Kriptomat makes digital finance so simple that everybody everywhere can access the freedom, fairness, and fulfillment that crypto represents. Hundreds of thousands of customers across Europe and in 120 countries worldwide trust Kriptomat when they buy, sell, swap, earn, share, and invest in crypto.

Table of Contents


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