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NFTs Meet Space: Promin Aerospace To Launch Historical NFTs Into Space

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A Ukrainian rocketry startup named Promin Aerospace has funding from companies like Google. In addition, the firm is collaborating with the Meta History Museum to release a collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are works of art about the conflict with Russia into space. 

The team recently discussed the groundbreaking technology behind the historical project as well as what it would take to store the complete bitcoin blockchain in space.

Promin Aerospace is the world’s leading manufacturer and sophisticated autophagic rocket propulsion developer. They are introducing a completely new sort of rocket propulsion system that will enable the creation of rockets that are at least twice as efficient as the current state of the art. 

The company has received $6.5M in pre-orders for future products and services, and its R&D facilities in Dnipro, Ukraine, are staffed by 11 individuals who are continuously working to improve the core technology.

Co-founder and CEO of Promin Aerospace, Misha Rudominski. Previously, he won an all-Canadian team competition sponsored by Space & Satellite Professionals International to develop a communication system between Mars and Earth.

Lisa Bordun, Chief Legal Counsel at Promin, is a law geek who specializes in space and holds an MBA and two law degrees (Ukraine, USA).

The Meta History NFT museum was established to remember recent events in Ukraine, preserve the truth, and generate funds for humanitarian relief.

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