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Pacman, Co-Founder of Blur, Unveils His Identity

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In a Twitter discussion, one of the co-founders of Blur, a new non-fungible tokens (NFTs) marketplace, revealed his identity. In a photo he posted, Pacman stands next to the web3 avatar he uses for interviews.

The formerly unidentified founder said in a statement on Twitter why he’d decided it was time to reveal himself and go public with his identity.

Pacman’s True Identity: Tieshun Roquerre

In a series of tweets, Pacman said that while he “enjoyed the secrecy” that comes with having a pen name, the community had “grown significantly” in the year following Blur’s release. He thought it was time to “publicly announce his identity.”

He provided information on his prior company, Namebase, which he had founded and subsequently sold, along with other personal details.

The Crunchbase and LinkedIn profiles of Pacman match these details and previous claims about his experiences that Pacman has made, which led to the revelation of his real name, Tieshun Roquerre.

He also has more proof of his identity on GitHub, Instagram, and other social media sites.

The Rising Popularity of Blur: Why Are They Making Headlines?

According to recent sources, Blur and its rival marketplace OpenSea have been in a standoff for some time. Blur recently encouraged its consumers to hold off selling their NFTs on OpenSea due to issues over fee charges.

OpenSea lost a portion of its market as a result of this development. When the pressure mounted, OpenSea was compelled to go back to zero prices in an effort to win back its customers.

Blur is dominant, recording solid advancements in the NFT space despite small recoveries. Despite the attempts, the most recent chart data showed Blur surpassing OpenSea to hold the top spot for most of this week and late last week.

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