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Retail Investors Help Binance Futures Grow By 388% From Day One

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Binance Futures registered a volume growth of 388% from Day one. At the same time, the Binance Futures have already exceeded the volume on Binance.com’s BTC/USDT spot trading. This shows retail investors remain interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 

Binance Futures Expand 388%

According to a recently released blog post, Binance informed that their Futures increased from 19,253 BTC the first 24 hours after launching to 74,647 BTC ten days later. This represents a volume growth of 388%. 

At the same time, on October 3, the daily volume on Binance Futures exceeded the volume on Binance.com’s BTC/USDT trading pair. 

On October 14, the company reached its highest market share at 8.63% in the crypto futures industry. At the time of writing, their market share reached 12.26%. BitMEX is the platform with the largest penetration in the market with 32.24% of the total USD volume. 

The exchange has also informed that they handled more than 69,000 BTC in volume on October 14.  

Binance explained about the products and services they want to offer:

“We made a decision early on in the Binance Futures development process to focus on quality over quantity, particularly when it came to our core team. We felt that a smaller team of dedicated, super hard-working, and brilliant individuals can outperform a larger, less cohesive, and less focused team.”

Binance has also informed that they had 0 auto-deleverage liquidations (ADL) events so far. The exchange explained that unlike other insurance funds that grow uncontrollably and are used as a source of income, use an insurance fund for what it was intended. 

In the event of sizable liquidations, the insurance fund is expected to accept risk and positions and take large losses to ensure clients do not receive ADLs. 

One of the main benefits of using this platform is that individuals and traders can easily move funds between the futures account and the spot market. With the large liquidity and ease to use these platforms, customers have one of the most efficient manners to trade both markets. 

Several users tend to transfer funds in and out from spot to futures markets during volatile periods to hedge or conduct arbitrage trades. 

Finally, Binance futures have the lowest taker fees in the market by a large margin during their 50% period. 

Binance informs that during the last quarter of this year, they will be rolling out several new major features. 



Table of Contents