Robotina: Building a Smart Society With Real-World Technology

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Have you noticed that there’s increasingly more “smart” prefixes been added to all kinds of words? SmartPhone, smartWatch, smartTV, smartWrist… The specific feature with these devices is that they are not only connected to the internet, but are also ‘smart’ enough to make intelligent decisions on their own, such as when to process data and share it with other devices. In this way, after data is transmitted from millions of, let’s say, smart watches, the companies are able to develop better apps that consider what you eat, how much you sleep or exercise, and so on. Eventually, the applications become more helpful in terms of organizing your everyday processes. But this is just the beginning.

Robotina is a company that, even today, invents technologies for building an increasingly smart society. But what is the smart revolution?

The IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is a system of interconnected devices, processing data and sharing it with the network. The objective is to create a world where different kinds of devices are able to talk to each other. In this way, it increases the effectiveness of any activity for people (driving to work, shopping, exercising, etc.), and cheapens all kinds of manufacturing and execution processes. Imagine the power plant that knows exactly how much electricity the city demands, and thus prevents energy oversupply; cars that create less emissions and use less electricity, because they know the perfect time and route to avoid traffic jams; even food suppliers that can produce the required amount of food, because they also know the exact demand.

Where does Robotina fit?

Robotina is a European-based company with 28 years of experience in the sphere of energy control and management. In the years from 2010 to 2015, they invested all of their time, money and effort in Research and Development in Blockchain, IoT and AI technologies. Today, they have already launched a Robotinaico, aimed to create a blockchain-based network that, by means of AI and smart physical devices would optimize energy consumption as such, reduce electricity costs and make it available for a regular person to trade their own energy and consumption data.

Five years of extensive research not only gave Robotina the opportunity to initiate one of the most forward-looking ICOs, but also to prove its worth in a number of state-of-the-art projects.

Project HEMS — Building a smart community with SMIP

This is a demonstration project for the government of Germany, that set the goal to make 80% of its energy renewable by 2050, with an interim target of 35% by 2020.

Having Robotina as partner, the project was managed by Hitachi Chemical Co. and started in spring 2016. They were given two years to show their capabilities, by improving two regular domestic buildings in the city of Speyer, Germany.

Robotina was responsible for the project HEMS (Home Energy Management System), named after the IoT device built by Robotina to make it possible for ‘smart devices’ to receive, analyze and furnish data. Sensors provide household measurements; the inhouse data is processed together with weather forecasts in a way so that systems can predict the amount of electricity the building will consume in a day.

Together with photovoltaic power generation and the HEMS predictive system, the two buildings showed great results for significant energy costs reduction, wherein it’s all environmentally clean.

Hitachi from Japan and the City of Speyer in Germany jointly developed a smart community project with support from NEDO, the Japanese agency for new technology deployment. Robotina designed and implemented a control system, machine learning and cloud software. The project consists of a photovoltaic (Solar) power plant, battery storage, complex Energy Management System (EMS), consumption prediction, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The system has the choice of multiple energy sources (PV, grid, district heating) and uses Artificial Intelligence to predict energy consumption of each apartment; it aggregates it and selects the best strategy to minimize energy cost. As a result, the energy costs are automatically and continuously optimized. Users enjoy the lowest possible expenses and still retain full comfort.

The above-stated project is only one part of SMIP, the IoT-based platform that contributes to building a safe, eco-friendly smart city. Of course, it’s at the stage of development, but having a great deal of the most advanced companies involved, and Robotina responsible for the whole IoT component, it is not only ambitious, but is believed to be very promising.

HEMS generation 2, currently under development, is an important part of the Robotina ICO.


The Internet of Things is not something that’s approaching; it’s already here. Thanks to companies such as Robotina, the technology is invented and even implemented in particular cases. All that’s left is to wait until it can be introduced on an industrial or perhaps governmental level; with Robotina as the catalyst, this could happen sooner than you think.

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