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Scroll Emerges as a New Competitor in Ethereum’s zkEVM Space with Mainnet Launch

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Scroll, a newcomer in the domain of zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM), has announced the official launch of its mainnet, marking a significant milestone in Ethereum’s scaling solutions. This development was confirmed on October 17, though blockchain data from Etherscan indicates that the mainnet has been operational since October 8.

The launch of Scroll’s mainnet comes after an intensive 15-month testing phase and extensive security audits spread across three distinct testnets. Scroll underscores the seamless functionality of its scaling solution, assuring that existing applications and developer tool kits on Ethereum can effortlessly migrate to this new platform.

Scroll’s zkEVM solution is engineered to optimize the Ethereum blockchain by substantially reducing transaction costs while boosting throughput for decentralized applications. This is achieved by aggregating thousands of off-chain transactions into a single transaction, accompanied by a concise data summary proof submitted to Ethereum’s mainnet.

The announcement also highlighted the audit of Scroll’s bridge and rollup contracts by OpenZeppelin and Zellic. Trail of Bits, Zellic, and KALOS conducted a review of its zkEVM circuits, reinforcing the platform’s security credentials. Across its testnets, Scroll facilitated over 90 million transactions through the deployment of more than 450,000 smart contracts, generating 280,000 ZK-proofs in the process.

Scroll’s co-founder, Ye Zhang, previously indicated that the platform would initiate with centralized features, with a strategic plan to transition towards decentralization. The roadmap includes proposals aimed at eliminating single points of failure and incentivizing the community to contribute to the enhancement of proving hardware.

Founded in 2021 with a community-centric approach, Scroll joins other notable players in the zkEVM arena, including Polygon, zkSync, StarkWare, and Immutable. The competitive landscape is viewed positively by industry experts like Jordi Baylina, the technical lead of Polygon Hermez zkEVM. Baylina emphasized that the diversity of projects contributes valuable insights and experiences, testing varied approaches and solutions that ultimately strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem.

With its mainnet now live, Scroll is poised to contribute to the evolving narrative of Ethereum’s scaling solutions, showcasing the potential of zkEVM in enhancing the blockchain’s efficiency and performance.

Jay Solano

Jay Solano

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