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Sotheby’s Presents Glitch Digital Art Sale, Newbie Gamer Strikes Gold With $49K NFT Purchase, And More Other NFT News

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After receiving criticism from the public for its lack of diversity, Sotheby’s auction company made significant changes to its most recent art sale. In contrast, a newcomer to Illivium: Beyond has achieved a startling profit of 140,525% by uncovering the game’s most elusive character.

Sotheby’s Responds To Feedback, Reboots Glitch Digital Art Sale With New Features

The opening of the bidding for Sotheby’s forthcoming digital art auction, “Glitch: Beyond Binary,” is set for April 19.

The “Natively Digital: Glitch-ism” auction from last month was restarted under the title Glitch: Beyond Binary after it received negative feedback for its lack of variety.

Sotheby’s announced the art sale in a tweet on April 13, wherein it stated that the sale would emphasize the diverse artist communities comprising Glitch Art.

Sotheby’s emphasized in a statement that the sale would be representative of individuals from diverse backgrounds. The statement underscored that these communities were inclusive of people from all gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, languages, neuro-types, sizes, abilities, classes, religions, cultures, subcultures, political opinions, ages, skill levels, occupations, and backgrounds.

When popular NFT artist Patrick Amadon informed his 142,400 followers that he would remove his work from Sotheby’s upcoming “Natively Digital: Glitch-ism” art sale to protest a lack of female representation, Sotheby’s originally halted the sale on March 27.

Illuvium Newcomer Strikes Gold With $49,000 NFT Discovery

The coveted “Holo Flaming Rhamphyre,” the most uncommon Illuvitar to date, was discovered and sold for an astounding $49,128.85 by a new player of Illivium’s online game Illuvium: Beyond, according to a statement released on April 12.

The lucky gamer found the rare Illuvitar within a type of digital loot box called a “D1SK,” which can be bought for a mere $32 and contains various illiviators and accessories at random. This successful find led to a whopping profit of around 140,525% for the player.

Ukraine President Marks NFT Debut In Collection For Military Backing

On April 9, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy agreed to sign the nation’s first nonfungible token (NFT) for the “UACatsDivision” collection, which features cats from the Ukrainian Military Forces and donates all proceeds to the Ukrainian armed services.

At present, 3,026 NFT cats have been purchased out of the total of 10,000 available.

Other NFT News

Recent reports indicate that Bitcoin miners have earned over $5 million by using the Ordinals protocol to inscribe NFTs.

According to the data gathered by Dune Analytics, there has been a significant rise of 240% in transaction fees for Ordinals transactions. As of April 12, the transaction fees have surged to $5.2 million, indicating a notable increase from $1.5 million recorded on March 10.

It has been observed that the Bitcoin network has almost 1.1 million Ordinals recorded, which are mainly composed of text and JPEG images, along with various other file formats such as PDFs, videos, and audio files.

Meanwhile, an NFT collector mistakenly bid 100 Ether, which is currently worth about $192,000, on April 5th for an NFT from the Gemesis NFT collection. The NFT was originally intended to be given away as a commemoration for the release of OpenSea Pro.

While some members of the community assume the transaction was a wash trade, others argue that the trader simply made an error by bidding 100 ETH instead of $100.

Another community member argued against the notion that the transaction was a wash because it was too risky.

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