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Spanish Regulator Halts Worldcoin’s Data Collection Amid Privacy Concerns

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The Spanish Agency for the Protection of Data (AEPD) has issued a temporary ban on Worldcoin, a human identity-focused crypto project, ordering it to cease collecting and processing data within Spain. This move follows a string of complaints regarding privacy violations and regulatory non-compliance from the company.

Regulatory Action Amidst Privacy Concerns

The AEPD’s directive, which prohibits Worldcoin’s operations for a period of three months, comes in response to several grievances raised by users. These include concerns over the inability to withdraw consent, alleged data collection from minors, and insufficient information provided to users. 

Global Scrutiny On Worldcoin

Spain’s order adds to the international scrutiny faced by Worldcoin in recent months. The project, led by Sam Altman’s Tools for Humanity, has also faced investigations by regulators in Hong Kong. The controversy primarily revolves around Worldcoin’s utilization of biometric scanning devices called “orbs” for identity verification, raising significant ethical and privacy questions.

Worldcoin’s Mission And Response

Worldcoin, as outlined in its white paper, aims to establish a globally inclusive identity and financial network, with a vision towards AI-funded universal basic income. In response to the AEPD’s action, Jannick Preiwisch, Worldcoin’s Data Protection Officer, reiterated the project’s commitment to privacy and engagement with regulators. However, Worldcoin has criticized the AEPD for allegedly circumventing EU law and disseminating misleading information about their technology.

Broader Implications And Ethical Concerns

The regulatory intervention in Spain reflects broader concerns regarding the ethical use of advanced technologies, particularly in the context of data privacy. Worldcoin’s reliance on biometric verification methods raises questions about the balance between technological innovation and individual privacy rights. As governments and regulators worldwide continue to grapple with these issues, the outcome of this case could have significant implications for the future regulation of cryptocurrency projects and emerging technologies.


The AEPD’s decision to halt Worldcoin’s data collection activities stresses the importance of regulatory oversight in safeguarding people’s privacy rights in the modern age. As the debate surrounding data privacy and technological innovation intensifies, Worldcoin must navigate a complex landscape of legal, ethical, and societal considerations to ensure responsible and transparent use of emerging technologies.

Table of Contents


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