Star Jets International accepts payments in Bitcoin

Shops, enterprises and now…? Airlines! Star Jets international has started to accept bitcoin payments for private flights.

Private and business customers can now pay in Bitcoin for flights with Star Jets International. This subsidiary of Advaced Defense Technologies, Inc informed that “it has made arrangemetns to now accept Bitcoin as a payment mechanism for its private jet services”, EconoTimes reported.

The enterprise offers flights between different destinations chosen by the customer and with different services. The company has access to over 5000 private jets in the United States and more than 15000 around the world.

To book a flight, the customer has to choose only the departure and destination airport. The company would later choose the airplane in case the customer does not know which one suits the best for the occasion.

Bitcoin is becoming accepted everywhere

“Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly accepted method of payment and we want our customers to have the flexibility to pay via that medium of exchange”, commented the CEO of Star Jets International, Ricky Sitomer.

This is not the first aviation company that accepts Bitcoin for its services, anyway. In May, the Japanese airline, Peach Aviation, started to accept Bitcoin as well. But the situation was different in Japan, where Bitcoin was legitimized, by the government, as a means of payment this past April.

Other businesses are also becoming more receptive to Bitcoin payments. Expedia, one of the world’s largest travel agencies, accepts payments via Bitcoin for booking hotels. LOT Polish Airlines, a worldwide airline based in Poland, accepts Bitcoin payments too.

This new company, Star Jets International, accepting Bitcoin, opens the way for new other enterprises in the sector that do not know whether to introduce Bitcoin payments or not. Being one of the first aviation enterprises it can be a good opportunity to capitalize rich Bitcoin lovers.

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