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The Graph (GRT) Prepares for Decentralization, But Investors Favor Sparklo (SPRK) Instead

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The fast pace of the cryptocurrency industry means investors quickly move from one project to another, especially when they see the potential for greater returns. That is the case with The Graph (GRT), a more established crypto, but has taken too long to convince investors, leading to their migration to Sparklo.

Decentralization of The Graph (GRT) Isn’t Enough

On April 19th, The Graph (GRT) team announced that from June the project would shut down its hosted service and move towards a decentralized network. It is big news for The Graph (GRT) as its centralized network has been one of its biggest flaws.

Starting in June developers on The Graph (GRT) will be required to migrate their subgraphs to the new decentralized network while the current hosted service will be closed. Subgraphs are application programming interfaces (APIs) build on The Graph (GRT).

Embracing decentralization – one of the key tenets of cryptocurrencies – hasn’t proven enough to break The Graph (GRT) out of the hold of the bears.

While it will encourage developers to finally begin moving into the Graph (GRT), investors have not shared the same sentiment. Over the last day, the price of the Graph has tumbled by almost 10% making it one of crypto’s biggest losers.

Sparklo (SPRK) Promises to Be a Fortune

It is no longer news that investors are trooping into Sparklo, but what many may not understand is why. To start, Sparklo is building the first blockchain platform that will allow many to invest and trade in precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum.

Precious metals form some of the most valuable assets in the globe today, with gold’s market cap well over $13 trillion, the market cap of silver estimated at $1.42 trillion, and platinum at well over $270 billion. 

Now we know why investors are hyped about Sparklo, why does it promise to be a fortune? Retail investors have largely been kept out of investing in precious metals due to their lack of accessibility and high cost.

This is where Sparklo’s full potential kicks in. Sparklo will allow everyone be able to buy and trade gold, silver, and platinum using fractionalized NFTs. When you want to buy gold on Sparklo, the platform mints an NFT valued at the same amount you purchased.

These NFTs are then backed by the same asset you have bought – be it gold, silver, or platinum. To verify its reserves of these assets and the safety of its smart contracts, Sparklo has been audited by the InterFi Network

The project just launched its stage one presale and the price of one token is $0.015 and experts believe it will not take long until a bullish outbreak sends it into the top 100 cryptos.

Find out more about the presale:

Website: https://sparklo.finance

Presale: https://invest.sparklo.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparklo_finance

Telegram: https://t.me/sparklofinance

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