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Trademark Filing Hints Fujitsu Explores Crypto Trading Services

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Fujitsu has submitted a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), disclosing its desire to provide brokerage services for cryptocurrency trading, among other crypto and non-crypto financial services.

The trademark application filed by Fujitsu on March 16 seeks to register a new mark consisting of the stylized word FUJITSU with a sideways s-shaped swirl over the J and I, according to the official document. The branding is devoted to providing financial services, such as taking deposits, financing loans, financial management, and crypto asset exchange.

The image above is the new logo that Fujitsu seeks to register as a trademark for its services. In addition, the following excerpt summarizes the services Fujitsu revealed to the USPTO in conjunction with the trademark application.

Fujitsu created a Web3 acceleration platform for startups and partner companies in February, demonstrating its expanding interest in Web3. The platform’s objective is to facilitate the development of a varied ecosystem of Web3 applications for various use cases, including digital content rights management, business transactions, contracts, and workflows.

Japan‘s financial regulators asked global regulators to implement stronger banking regulations for the cryptocurrency industry from the start of 2023.

The acknowledgment that the issue was not with cryptocurrency came from Mamoru Yanase, who holds the position of Deputy Director General in the Strategy Development and Management Bureau of the Financial Services Agency. Yanase stated that the recent scandal was not caused by the technology behind crypto itself but rather by weak governance, inadequate internal controls, and a lack of regulation and supervision.

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