TurboXBT Review: Supercharging your Trading Profits


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


Turbo / TurboXBT / XBT

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Jonathan Gibson


Turbo, TurboXBT, XBT

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We have all searched for and tested several trading platforms, bots and strategies in the cryptocurrency market. They help us process trades, earn profits and, if we have good results, have some extra money at the end of the month. But there is always the same feeling: we are not making as much as we would like to make. This is where TurboXBT wants to make a difference. 

As mentioned above, trading is sometimes difficult and it does not give us the results we are waiting for. This could certainly be frustrating. If you have tried dozens of trading platforms, different trading bots and a wide range of assets, then you might be even thinking of quitting this industry. 

TurboXBT has built and created one of the most advanced and unique platforms to trade cryptocurrencies. They have designed their trading systems from scratch in order to offer users the possibilities that traditional platforms couldn’t give them. 

In this guide, we share with you all the details about how TurboXBT is now helping both newcomers and experienced traders that are searching for unique tools to trade cryptocurrencies. 


What is TurboXBT?

TurboXBT is a so-called next-gen cryptocurrency trading platform that aims at ‘supercharging’ traders profit independently of how long they have been trading and their previous experience. In order to do so, they offer a unique system of short-term contracts that have high earning potential. 

These synthetic short-term contracts allow users to have up to 90% profit on a single trade, which is much more than a traditional 5% to 15% profit on a traditional trading platform. Furthermore, there are many different assets and trading pairs available for users. 

In this way, traders will have the possibility to create their own trading strategies and improve them if they find that something is not working properly. Compared to other trading platforms in the cryptocurrency market, TurboXBT decided to add support to dozens of different assets. 

The platform will offer users UP or DOWN contracts that have different durations depending on the strategies deployed by the trader. Each of these contracts has a time between 30 seconds to 15 minutes depending on the instrument traded by the investor. 


How Do Synthetic Short-Term Contracts Work?

In order to fully understand the way in which the TurboXBT platform works, we also need to know how synthetic short-term contracts work. This is a key feature of this advanced trading platform that requires users to understand the basics of these types of trading tools. 

But how do these short term contracts work? 

Let us explain. The trader would have to select a specific trading pair that would be used for the trading activity. Let’s say that this investor wants to use the BTC/USDT trading pair. Then, the trader will have to define the time frame in which he wants to trade. Let’s not forget that some of the contracts can be open between 30 seconds to 15 minutes. 

This is where the trader would have to decide whether they select the UP or DOWN button. If the trader considers that the price of the asset is moving higher, then he would have to click on the UP button. Instead, if he wants to bet on the price of the asset moving lower, he would have to click on the DOWN button.

Now that the trade is open, the market moves in one of the possible directions: up or down. Let’s suppose that the trader clicked on UP. If the market moves higher during that period of time and it closes above that level, then the trader would end up profiting. Instead, if the market moves on the contrary direction, he would have lost the trade. 

Depending on the instrument chosen, the investor would be able to earn up to 90% on a single trade, which is much more than traditional trading platforms and their offerings. 

TurboXBT Benefits

There are many benefits for users that want to trade using TurboXBT. Due to the fact that this is a more advanced platform, investors will find that they have also numerous benefits when compared to other popular trading platforms in the crypto market. 

For example, as previously mentioned, if traders make a bet and the market moves in the right direction, they would end up making up to 90% in profits. In order to test this out, TurboXBT is offering a unique $1,000 demo account to trade risk-free.

Platforms all over the world do not usually have this demo account feature to test their solutions. This is why TurboXBT shows that they are at the forefront of the market in terms of services offers to traders from all around the world. 

Additionally, no matter how much money you deposit on this platform, the TurboXBT decided to eliminate minimum and maximum deposit barriers. This makes it possible for users to execute their style of trading without having to think of the requirements established by the platform. 

But there are many other features that are worth mentioning and that other trading platforms do not support. Users on the TurboXBT platform will not have to pass Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks. The team behind this advanced trading platform claims that they prefer to keep personal accounts and information private at all times rather than gathering information from users. 

TurboXBT Speed

Speed and reliability are also very important. This is why TurboXBT decided not only to create an advanced trading platform with unique solutions, but they have also reduced the time for users to place orders since they logged in to their accounts. 

Everything is made simple on this platform. Users that are already ready to open a position will have a clear definition of profit and risk expectations prior to the positions being taken. This would let them have a clear understanding of the tools they are handling and how the market could behave in their favour or against them. 

Finally, the platform claims to be secure and reliable with 99.9% of uptime. This is crucial during times of high volumes. Traders must be sure that they are able to open and close their positions even during times of peak volumes. With dozens of exchanges being hacked in the last few years, TurboXBT decided to implement bank-grade security to safeguard users’ funds from hackers and attackers.  

Risk Disclaimer: cryptocurrency trading is a risky activity. Digital assets are highly volatile and require investors to know the market conditions. The information provided in this article does not constitute investment advice. The recipient acknowledges and agrees that by their very nature any investment in a financial instrument is of a random nature and therefore any such investment constitutes a risky investment for which the recipient is solely responsible.

Assets and Trading Pairs Supported

The TurboXBT platform supports two different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The goal is to add new digital currencies in the future. At the same time, they offer 8 different forex currencies, 4 commodities and three indices. 

The commodities include the following: Brent, Crude Oil, Gold and Silver. The indices on this platform are the following: Nasdaq, S&P 500 and GER30. 

The 38 trading pairs currently supported by TurboXBT include:

  • Brent/USD
  • Crude/USD
  • Nasdaq/USD
  • SP500/USD
  • GER30/USD

Users can also deposit funds in different digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). This shows that TurboXBT makes it possible for all types of traders to get access to some of the most advanced trading platforms in the market. 

AML Compliance

Despite the fact that TurboXBT does not have KYC checks, they are compliant with AML regulations and they are incorporated in Seychelles as TURBO TICKS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Nonetheless, there are some limitations to users trading from the following countries:

The United States of America, the United States outlying islands, Japan, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, Canada, Algeria, Ecuador, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, American Samoa and the Russian Federations. 

TurboXBT Final Words

TurboXBT is one of the most advanced and unique trading platforms for crypto, forex and indices traders in the world. They are offering short-term contracts for traders to make profits according to market fluctuations. 

Although they do not have a large number of digital currencies supported, they have added indices and fiat currencies, which is a great addition that no other crypto trading platform is currently able to offer. 

Finally, the company is registered in Seychelles but they do not require KYC checks, which is a very important thing for those users that do not want to share their private information.