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Unlock the Potential of Alternative Investments with HedgeUp

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If cryptocurrency analysts are to be believed, HedgeUp is the new star of the cryptocurrency market that aims to make cryptocurrencies a lot more fun and rewarding. With it’s cutting-edge business model, the platform introduces crypto users to the alternative investment space while enabling them to explore the global market for products like wine, luxury watches, aviation, art, and gold, among others. These alternative investment products form a hedge against economic factors like market volatility and safeguard crypto users’ portfolios. In addition, by choosing these investment products, users can also boost their returns by diversifying their portfolios. According to the research done by the HedgeUp team, by choosing a basket of alternative investment products, users can look forward to average returns to the tune of 28-36%. A typical HedgeUp basket contains a mix of assets that enables its users to hedge against economic factors.

The platform has also launched it’s native token $HDUP which can be used for a wide array of transactional uses on the network like staking, accessing rewards, participating in the platform’s daily operations, and funding marketing campaigns. These tokens will be available on presale and it’s easy to accumulate huge volumes since it’s available at such attractive prices.

Here’s why HedgeUp is different from other cryptocurrencies

Talking about security, the platform sports a wide range of features that serve to safeguard its users’ interests and privacy. For starters, the platform has roped in a team of experts and analysts who have 30+ years of experience. These analysts assess third-party vendors and negotiate deals with them to supply quality alternative investment products. After the deals are finalized, these products are featured on the HedgeUp marketplace, while the assets are secured by an insured and licensed vault. 

Apart from these investment products, the platform has also rolled out a non-fungible token (NFT) series wherein crypto users can either buy an individual asset or choose a basket with a mix of alternative investment products. Another option that the NFT series offers HedgeUp users is that of fractional ownership – users can either buy a certain percentage of the NFT or the entire asset.

In addition, HedgeUp analysts also conduct online masterclasses to help their users familiarize themselves with the alternative investment ecosystem and make more informed decisions.

How can HedgeUp users mint King-sized gains with the platform?

Apart from the native token, the alternative investment products, and the NFT series, there are still multiple earning opportunities available for HedgeUp users on the network. For instance, community members are incentivized with rewards for staking and locking their $HDUP Tokens in the treasury. Users get to stake their tokens during the staking events that the platform organizes regularly. The $HDUP tokens staked by the users help in boosting liquidity, create a strong market, and generate better trading opportunities.

Also, as the platform leverages the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) pattern for its governance model – HedgeUP DAO – users also get rewarded for participating in its daily operations via voting rights. Voting rights can be used by $HDUP holders to vote for proposals pitched by other community members. With HedgeUP DAO, the platform leverages the benefits of the DAO model to supervise liquidity allocation, streamline its investment baskets and decide the course of ongoing projects.

How does the $HDUP Token benefit its buyers?

With the total supply of the $HDUP token capped at 999,000,000 units, the HedgeUp team has drafted an efficient strategy for their utilization and support of the platform’s balanced growth. The largest share of the token supply has been allocated for presale transactions. Around 35% of the $HDUP tokens generated by the platform will be available to purchase on presale now. Interested buyers will also be able to access these tokens on decentralized exchanges as 17% of the $HDUP tokens will be dedicated to the exchange listings. The remaining supply of the tokens will be divided between other use cases like marketing campaigns (14%),  reserve (15%), staking and distributing rewards (3%), charitable donations (2%), founders and team members (12%), and advisory and partners (2%). While the platform will not tax the purchase of $HDUP tokens, it will be levying a 5% tax every time a token holder sells the native token.

What’s more, is that all tokens bought on presale will have a vesting period. For instance, those purchased in presale stages 1-6 will be locked for three months. Also, if one purchases $HDUP Tokens in presale stages 7 and 8, the tokens will be vested for a month. The tokens allocated for founders, team members, advisory, and partners will also be locked for 18 months. They will be released in a phased manner to a shared wallet each month. This move will ensure greater transparency and accountability of the platform towards its users. 

For more information on HedgeUP click the links below:

Presale Sign Up: https://app.hedgeup.io/sign-up

Official Website: https://hedgeup.io

Community Links: https://linktr.ee/hedgeupofficial

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Table of Contents