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Two Vechain ICOs That Will Boost Network Adoption

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VeChain holders have a lot to forward to. But in the next few months, two Vechain ICOs as the from two attention-grabbing projects — OceanEx and Cahrenheit — promise to help deliver network attention.

What is OceanEx?

OceanEx is a cryptocurrency asset management platform launched and powered by BitOcean Global, built on top of the VeChainThor blockchain. OceanEx is an exchange, trading and asset management platform that employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide the most advanced investment and trading tools, all while encompassing a wide spectrum of investment policies and possibilities.

Some of the platform’s main goals are: developing platform security with token liquidity, with the help of AI technology, establishing the VeChain Ecosystem as a medium for trading tokens with VET pairing, and providing an exchange service and community to challenge the current status quo.

The employed AI technology is not only responsible for enhancing the transaction procedures, but also for protecting the platform’s users from bad investments and even possible attacks. The technology in question uses various components such as OceanBrain, OceanQuant, OceanMarket, and OceanLab.

The OceanBrain component is responsible for the AI tech that will constantly analyze the user trading behavior and will pair it with other details in order to provide relevant recommendations.

As its name suggests, the OceanQuant component allows quantitative trading. The OceanMarket component is a database for social trading (allowing users or community members to publish various strategies on the platform), while the OceanLab is the Internet team that will perform various types of market and industrial research to innovate the product and give it a competitive edge in the market.

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OceanEx ICO

OceanEx plans to have a maximum cap of 10 billion tokens, which are to be distributed in various rounds of sales. According to OceanEx’s official blog, the upcoming ICO has two phases: the Private Round and the VeChain Community Round. Through these rounds, the exchange will issue 30% of the total number of tokens.

The first phase has already sold out all the tokens, while the VeChain Community Round is scheduled to take place in September. Interested community members are advised to follow the platform’s official Twitter page for future updates. Regrettably, residents from the US, China, and

Japan will be excluded from the so-called Community Round of the ICO.

While in the private sale of the token the price was 1 VET= 800 OCE, in the VeChain Community Round will be 1 VET (Pre-split)= 730 OCE. To take part in the ICO, users need to have more than 50 VET (pre-split). In short, any VeChain community member that holds over 50

VET can enter the Community Round. The goal of the ICO is to raise 11,300,000 USD.

The blog post also describes how the OCE token will be a valuable and crucial piece of OceanEx’s ecosystem and future developments. The token can be used to pay for transaction fees, withdrawal fees, and listing fees, to access the market research center in OceanLab, as well as to vote in the project listing pool.

What is Cahrenheit?

Recently, VeChain has also announced via an official blog post the launch of Cahrenheit, a blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the automotive industry. The project’s main goal is to change most of the current negative issues within the automotive industry.

Besides ending all zero-sum games, the project is also focused on eliminating the concept of information asymmetry. By doing so, Cahrenheit hopes to add new markets, information channels, user experiences and services that will exponentially grow the project to $45 billion in the existing market.

Cahrenheit’s core products and services include CAHtrust, CAHmart, CAHnalytics, CAHmine, and CAHnode.

CAHtrust is a system dedicated to both SMEs and consumers, and it brings a fully decentralized system for searching, listing, rating, and reviewing. When compared to other centralized platforms, the system offers lower costs and minimal listing fees. CAHmart is specifically dedicated for SMEs, and it allows dynamic pricing by SMEs to broadcast off-peak capacity discounts. The component also allows SMEs to refer business to other similar SMEs for various rewards (tokens or future referrals).

CAHnalytics is a data analytics hub that uses complex and accurate datasets to allow aligned data origination directly from consumer and SMEs, as well as data monetization through EDUs via token payments. It also provides better risk pricing and opportunities for new product developments, as well as allows highly customized data and payment solutions for EDUs.

CAHnode is a community-based program developed to incentivize consumers and SMEs. Consumers or SMEs are required to hold a pre-determined amount of CAH token to be eligible for various premium services.

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Cahrenheit ICO

Furthermore, the platform powered by the VeChainThor blockchain brings over 1 million users, 30,000 SMEs, and over 30 insurer partners, as well as various other consumers into the VeChain ecosystem thanks to a partnership with Klover.

Klover is a China-based insurance-technology company and also the first company to receive China’s National Insurance Brokerage License. The company has widespread presence in China, with activity in more than 30 cities. Some of its success also has to do with its mobile app called Youyidan.

As per the blog post, the maximum supply of CAH tokens will be 10 billion and the fundraising process will be divided into three phases: a private round, the VeChain Foundation round (for X Node holders), and a public round. While the private round has already been filed, the other two phases will be available in the following months. All three rounds will provide 20% of the total token supply depending on the demand. Unfortunately, the accurate ratio of VET to CAH tokens for distribution has yet to be officially announced.

For more information on the matter, community members and future investors can follow the project’s Twitter, Telegram, and Medium sources.

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