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What’s Amazon Up To With NFTs? Mysterious Receipt Suggests Big Plans

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The managing editor for global policy and regulatory at CoinDesk, Nikhilesh De, received an email that seemed to be from an authentic Amazon account. The email confirmed that Amazon has a digital token and a gallery on its e-commerce platform.

After the automatic renewal of a subscription to an Amazon Prime Video channel, an email was sent to De as a form of confirmation. Nikhilesh De had no prior experience with Amazon’s non-fungible token (NFT) integration and had yet to make any purchases in that regard.

The email from Amazon provides fresh insights into the company’s plans for expanding into the Web3 space and gives a clue about the location of these new tools on the platform.

Rumors have been circulating for several weeks that Amazon may be planning to launch its own marketplace for NFTs; however, the company still needs to make an official statement regarding these reports.

Back in January, an anonymous source told crypto news site Blockworks that Amazon plans to create a “digital assets enterprise” that will concentrate on blockchain-based gaming and NFT applications. 

Recently, The Big Whale, another crypto website, reported that this functionality would be launched on April 24 through an Amazon Digital Marketplace, citing anonymous sources.

In January, Amazon Web Services announced that it would be collaborating with Ava Labs to expand its enterprise blockchain offerings, but there was no mention of NFTs or a digital collectibles marketplace.

The email stated that a digital token was deposited into an Amazon-hosted gallery, but the email connection is not currently operational. The email also mentioned the possibility of resale, but only after the NFT is unlocked, and De was instructed to register as a reseller before listing the NFT. However, the link to the resale page was also broken. 

Despite receiving the email and transaction confirmation simultaneously, how the NFTs are connected to the membership renewal needs to be clarified. De did not have access to the digital tokens.

Amazon did not immediately react to CoinDesk’s request for comment.

Amazon’s deployment of NFTs may be a significant step toward Web3’s widespread adoption by its millions of global users. Andy Jassey, the chief executive officer of Amazon, has been receptive to blockchain technology, telling CNBC in April 2022 that he expected NFTs to continue to develop very rapidly and that crypto integration is possible in the future.

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