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Why Privacy Matters When You’re Gambling

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There are a lot of reasons why privacy is important when it comes to online gambling. Past experiences had shown how gambling had destroyed relationships. Aside from that, there’s also a huge risk associated with gambling especially when a player submits his personal and financial details to a website that has no reputation; this may cause such player to lose substantial amounts of money that he might never recover.

Like most traditional online casino platforms which still accept credit/debit card information before players get a chance to make real money, these platforms are either fraudulent or prone to be hacked.

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Privacy Risks in Cryptocurrency Casinos

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You probably have no idea there are phishing casino platforms. Yes, and all they are set out to do is to scam the innocent people of their resources. Because the online gambling industry is a billion dollar industry, these cybercriminals build platforms that are up to standard and with good advertising strategies, they can convince unsuspecting members of the public and have them submit their details via the site. The information they collect is either used by the owners of such platforms, or they sell those data to third parties who acquire these details for huge sums of money.

Real platforms are not left out. Though they have no intention of harming anyone, over the internet, there’s nothing private. Security measures implemented by different platforms are of different levels, and it’s only a matter of time, security on the platform may be broken, leading to loss of sensitive data that such platform has accumulated over time.

What you should also know is the fact that your PC knows so much about you than you know about yourself. It keeps a history of activities you do day-to-day, consciously or unconsciously. It gets worse, when you purchase anything on the web, it keeps a record of it, every detail. With that information readily accessible on your PC, platforms such as Google and Facebook take advantage of these data to send users targetted adverts. It’s not far-fetched, if you have ever visited an online casino platform or played games on one, then the tendency of wanting to play again is high. So tech and social media platforms can build sophisticated applications which can easily access this information to group people into different categories to be easily targeted by individuals who will pay for their products being promoted on these platforms. The only reason this is possible is that you are known.

If you’d agree, people shouldn’t know what you do with your money. Whether you are making purchases online or paying for some services, what you do should be personal to you. Your card information shouldn’t be released to third parties who could use such information against you.

These are just a few of many reasons why privacy on the web is of most importance and the solution to these problems is blockchain technology, to be more specific, replacing Visa/Master Cards with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and alternative currencies.

With these solutions, casino enthusiasts can enjoy best online gaming experience while having to make lots of money without anyone discovering who they are. Most platforms that offer cryptocurrency gambling allow players to register on their platforms without submitting personal/financial details. What’s more, participants can also replace their real names with a pseudonym.

Why Cryptocurrency is a Viable Option for Playing in Online Casinos

Using cryptocurrencies eliminates a lot of risks associated with online theft. People who have your public keys, otherwise known as your wallet address can’t do anything with it. They also do not know who such address belongs to so that removes the risk of people getting more information about the owner of such details. These have been the benefits presented by the unconventional casino gambling platforms who have included cryptocurrencies as the mode via which deposits and withdrawals are made on the platforms.

This new development is of advantage to the two parties; the casinos and their users. Apart from privacy, making payments with cryptocurrencies are way cheaper and takes less time to process than conventional methods of payments.

Now you might want to rethink your priorities and stick with casinos who give you total privacy over your personal information.

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Carlos Terenzi

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