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XRP Price and a guide on how to buy Ripple from Binance

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(Updated August 13, 2022) Ripple’s recent years have not been necessarily the best with what happened with BITBOX and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) going behind XRP and Ripple.

BITBOX, a leading crypto exchange based in Asia, announced that they were going to delist the cross-border payment token. The platform failed to offer a concrete reason for why they are taking this action. Part of the reasons they provided for why they can delist a coin included performance, reliability, and liquidity.

It’s not surprising given that the move came just hours after XRP pumped 12% after months of bleeding over 2019. XRP ended the year -50%.

However, delisting and underperformance aside, Ripple is still the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and its set to see increased usage in 2020 through cross border payments in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Another thing to take into consideration is that Ripple has been charged by the U.S. SEC for conducting sales of securities, the XRP token.

XRP Price Prediction

Also, with research showing that investors are losing faith in XRP, which has seen it stuck around $0.20 level for a while, the overtly negative sentiment at times precedes major trend shifts. The decline in investor confidence in XRP is likely to fuel a rally.

At least that is the opinion of one popular crypto analyst who goes by the name Mr.Anderson. through a tweet, he recently explained that even though XRP’s price action looks quite bearish, like many altcoins, XRP will be able to form long-term bottoms when investors “throw in the towel.”

XRP Price prediction

In this piece, we are going to take a look at a few reasons why we believe XRP is set for better days in 2020.

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1. Increased Adoption By Banking Institutions 

Ripple provides a blockchain solution which tries to solve the problems that have hampered the financial industry over the decades: slow transaction processing speeds, high transaction costs, and unreliability. Ripple also aims to make cross-border payments far more efficient for these large payment providers.

Early success in showing these solutions is why major financial institutions have been quick to partner with the Ripple platform.

So far over 100 financial institutions who range from payment providers to banks have partnered with Ripple and are in the process benefiting from the many blockchain solutions that the platform offers.  Earlier this year Ripple partnered with BankDhofar—the first bank in Oman to make such a partnership. Dr. Tariq Taha, the bank’s chief of information in a press release statement was quick to point out why this move was so significant for the bank.

“With this, we can provide instant, frictionless and secure cross-border money transfers within seconds, with end-to-end visibility over the journey of the payment

Ripple has also stated that an announcement is forthcoming where it will partner with “many banks” in Germany.

2. Further Partnerships – The Most Important Ripple News

Ripple has been positioning itself as the preferred distributed ledger technology for cross-border financial transactions.

On this front, Ripple has seen major adoptions by financial firms. Sadly, the price of XRP has not shifted proportionately to these partnerships.

Some commentators have suggested it’s because some of these firms are not utilizing Ripple’s native coin, XRP.

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While this is partially true, below we are going to look at three reasons why the price of XRP is going to peak soon.

The Flutterwave Partnership

Flutterwave is an Africa-focused firm that seeks to bridge the gap between Africa and the global economy.

Its partnership with Ripple, allows Flutterware to utilize the power of Ripple’s blockchain to build payment infrastructures that will serve their mission.

This partnership has, for the first time, opened Africa to the Ripple platform which has been the de facto blockchain for processing payments in other parts of the world.

To realize the full potential of the platform Flutterware had to undergo new configurations which included the installation of an xCurrent. This connection allows all the platforms on RippleNet to send and receive payments in real-time.

Ripple’s xCurrent will be interfacing with InterLedger Protocol designed by Fluttterware to accommodate a single currency.

As this partnership runs deeper, a use case for XRP will, presumably, naturally arise and this will impact its price positively.

Integration On Moneynetint

It’s another significant integration that will see the price of XRP rise in the coming months.

Moneynetint is an e-money firm based in the United Kingdom. The firm specializes in sending money across borders for corporate clients. It’s something that implies that the amount of money being sent is relatively huge.

Yishay Trif, the CEO of Moneynetint in a statement said:

“Once we realized how professional the Ripple team was and supports the process, we decided to choose them. We expect that together we will be able to lead significant development and simplify processes in the area of cross-border money transfers. The processes of interfacing and approval between financial institutions, previously taking months or even years are now significantly reduced to a matter of days to a few weeks.”

This positive development indicates that Ripple is likely to rise soon given that this is the beginning of their collaboration.

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Using Credit Cards To Buy XRP On Binance

This is perhaps the second most important news of 2019 for Ripple. The giant Binance gave users the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency using credit card payments by a Binance & Simplex partnership.

This has made things way easier. If by now the only way to purchase XRP was by purchasing BTC/ETH first, as mentioned in our “How To Buy XRP from Binance” guide, right now you can do it only with a few clicks. Now all you have to do is enter you Binance account, make sure you’re verified level 2 and click on “Funds” -> “Buy with Credit Card”.

Easy, right? And the fees are pretty low too – 3.5% or 10 USD – whichever is higher. Visa and Mastercard are accepted and it takes between 10 and 30 minutes for the XRP to reach your account.

Also, there are other significant partnerships that have the potential to impact the price of Ripple in the coming months.

For example, the Gates and Melinda foundation partnership that has helped connect the unbanked people to financial solutions through the Mojaloop project. The project uses the power of Ripple’s interledger Protocol.

Moreover, the Ripple’s CEO has stated that ‘dozens’ of financial institutions will be using the XRP token in 2019. So it’s safe to assume that the price of Ripple (XRP) will see massive gains soon.

Ripple is now on Coinbase Pro

Starting February 25th 2019, XRP trading is live on Coinbase Pro with XRP/USD, XRP/EUR and XRP/BTC pairs. Unfortunately, only users from the US (non New York residents), UK, European Union member nations, Canada, Singapore and Australia could trade XRP on Coinbase Pro. The announcement also mentions that more countries will be added at a later date.

This was waited for a long time by the Ripple enthusiasts and this move increased the price of XRP by almost 3 cents in an hour.

3. It’s Now The Fastest Transaction Processing Platform

Visa used to be the fastest company when it came to global financial transaction speeds until recently. A number of system updates on the Ripple platform have seen the platform overtake the top position.

Before the system update, Ripple could handle only 1,500 transactions but now can process up to 50,000 transactions per second. This is over double the number Visa can handle with 24,000 only. This makes Ripple the fastest transaction processing platform in the world.

Now corporations can subscribe to the xRapid package offered by Ripple and make quicker and safer transactions. The package will also help drive down the cost of currency exchange and global settlement since XRP and fiat currency fit like a glove and a hand.

This will save companies and their customers millions of dollars each year.

Regarding the xRapid solution, Ripple is trying to expand it to reach a larger number of companies processing payments and transfers using the XRP digital asset. There are several firms that are analysing the possibility to implement this solution to improve their liquidity. 

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, is confident that banks will be using this solution by the end of this year. 

One of the firms that are using xRapid is Cuallix. Located in Mexico, the company provides credit and payment solutions through credit loans, car insurance and more. After joining the RippleNet in 2017, the firm decided to start testing the xRapid solution even before being released to the market in 2018. 

Mercury FX, a recognized money remittance business, is also using XRP to send payments to and from Mexico. At the moment the company created a payments channel with the Philipines that allows institutions and interested customers to send payments in a fast and easy way. 

Other firms using these services include SendFriend, MoneyGram and Euro Exim Bank. These firms are also using the xRapid product to be able to improve their services. 


With many other companies testing XRP, including Cambridge FX, WesternUnion and others, the digital currency could continue expanding. David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, said that the higher the price of XRP, the larger the payments Ripple can target. 

“More value almost always means more liquidity and trade volume. XRP already has each of the other characteristics needed to be a good intermediary asset, but it will be initially limited by the available liquidity,” wrote Mr. Schwartz. 


The xRapid solution allows firms to purchase XRP using local currency from liquidity providers (i.e. exchanges) and make a transfer using XRP. The receiver client will be able to sell the funds with local liquidity providers and receive local currency that can be transferred to a bank account.12

Experts Ripple XRP Price Prediction for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

Ripple is two things: a cryptocurrency (XRP) and an open payment system for banks. The cryptocurrency is a strong liquidity solution for real-time, low-cost transfers through fiat and crypto markets, as well as a solid investment option.

According to Messari Ryan Selkis, the CEO of Messari Ryan, Ripple Company, as free-standing software is “really good,” and their information is quite transparent. Additionally, more companies continue to use the protocol to transfer money to different parts of the world. This is a key factor that will see the coin’s price surge.

Moreover, Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO, recently stated that the growing value of the coin is justified. He attributed this growth to the company’s growth, as well as the size of foreign exchange markets that the coin intends to address.

According to Ripple’s chief cryptographer, David Schwartz, today’s payments systems are where the email was in the early ‘80s. Each provider built their systems for their customers, and if the customers chose to use a different one, they couldn’t interact easily with each other. This is where Ripple comes in; the platform will enable a connection between different payment systems. This will be followed by increased adoption, which will push the coin’s price up.

Ripple Coin News, the web’s 2nd largest Ripple news network by traffic argues that the increased new partnerships, technologies and a strong performance will see the coin’s price hit $7 this year.

Additionally, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, expressed optimism when he stated that many more payment companies, financial institutions and banks will join the Ripple ecosystem, thus increasing XRP’s value.

Peter Brandt is one of the people that you should follow. He’s a master in charting & trading. When asked by a user about the insights about Ripple, he replied with a nice graph.


InvestingHaven – a well-known website for investors and enthusiasts – made a long analysis over Ripple’s price. According to their analysis, they see a potential $20 price for Ripple’s XRP at the end of 2019. A Ripple price prediction of $20 at the end of 2019 is pretty optimistic, based on the fact that now it is only $0.29.

ripple price forecast 2019

Even in June, they are still bullish on Ripple and claim their price prediction could come true in 2019 or 2020 – it will all depend on the crypto market & how it will evolve.

Phillip Nuun, the CEO of Wealth Chain Capital & The Blackmore Group didn’t mention his opinion about the ripple’s price nor made a ripple price prediction – but he claims that Ripple will be among the most important cryptocurrencies out there. To show how enthusiast is he about Ripple – he compared them with Microsoft.


LongForecast – a website that calls themselves “The Economy Forecast Agency” doesn’t believe too much in Ripple’s XRP. Their Ripple price prediction for 2019 & 2020 is way above the average even now. They believe that ripple’s price will be between $0.1 and $0.2 until July 2021 where it will start another bull market for Ripple. Only in 2023 March, they see a $0.49 price per Ripple.


OracleTimes on the other hand had the same vision as we do – $5 by the end of 2019. And the news so far seems to be in Ripple’s favour – even though the price isn’t. Ripple declined by 10% since 2019 started. But, given into consideration that now almost anyone can purchase Ripple using the credit card on Binance or from Coinbase Pro – more people would be able to buy it leading to a bigger adoption. And, we check the Bitcoin’s price since it was launch until today we can see that adoption is one of the most important factors.

XRP is also trying to recover after several years in which the virtual currency was not able to surpass its previous all-time high. XRP has been traded for the last year between $0.75 and $1.5. However, investors would like to see XRP moving higher in the coming years as well.

When it comes to Bitcoin’s price, then the virtual currency is getting closer to all-time lows against Bitcoin. This is even worse than what happened to other virtual currencies such as Litecoin. Let’s not forget that XRP was getting ready to surpass Ethereum (ETH) as the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has analyzed the XRP token and its relationship with Ripple and it considered that XRP should be treated as a security. This was something that affected XRP price in early 2021 and that was very negative for the digital asset and its community. 

However, the legal process that was initiated at that time continues until today with several positive things for XRP. One of the things to take into consideration is that the virtual currency didn’t disappear as many were predicting. Indeed, it became stronger over time and it is now traded above $1 when it reached a low below $0.25 in 2021. 

Another thing to mention is the fact that despite the financial and regulatory pressure around this project, XRP didn’t fall from the top 10 crypto projects in the market. This shows the strong resilience that Ripple and XRP have. 

Ripple is also analyzing the possibility to start burning some of the XRP coins they hold in escrow. This could be a very bullish catalyst for XRP price in the coming months and years. If this ends up becoming reality, XRP price could definitely continue moving forward and higher as well.

Ripple (XRP)  Price Prediction – Technical Analysis TradingView, Updated August 13, 2022


Cup and handle? by WXYXXZ on TradingView.com

This XRP/USDT trading analyst shows that there could be a cup & handle pattern forming on the 1-day chart on the Binance exchange. This cup & handle pattern could help XRP move towards 0.45 USDT or even reach 0.50 USDT in the near future. 

As per the expert, there could be a rally in the market in the near future. This could help XRP continue with its recovery trend after several months in a bear market. At the same time, there is a resistance level that is making it more difficult for XRP to move higher. This price level is at 0.3869 USDT and could play an important role in the future for XRP to enter a new bull trend.

XRP have to make a relow🔻before the PUMP🎯 by Yuriy_Bishko on TradingView.com

When it comes to XRP/USDT, this analyst says that this virtual currency has trapped retailers and moved lower in recent days. It basically broke the bullish wedge down. As the expert says, this is a very common thing in the crypto market and something that happens with other digital currencies as well. As per the analyst, the price of Ripple has reached a massive value area of 0.31 USDT and 0.35 USDT. 

Now, the expert has shared some pre-conditions to open a long position for the XRP/USDT trading pair. These pre-conditions include: re-low after the pullback as the whales activate the stop-loss of retailers and collect enough liquidity for their longs. The volume growth confirms the large purchases of whales. Investors should also look for a squeeze on the trendline. Moreover, a bullish Bitcoin market would also help investors with XRP and other virtual currencies.


For XRP, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market, this analyst sees the virtual currency bouncing from a strong support level and breaking above the upper boundary of a triangle. If that happens, then he sees XRP moving above 0.40 USDT in the next few weeks. 

However, we should also realize that there has been a market downturn in recent hours, which has pushed the price of this virtual currency lower and below the support level that was built for XRP. This does not mean that the coin will continue to move lower, but we should pay attention to other important key price levels to understand what could happen with XRP. 

The analyst says that a breakout and a confirmation are needed to understand what could be XRP’s next move in the next few weeks. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will have a clear impact on XRP and other digital assets.

XRPUSDT ! The price is in a downtrend. Resistance testing 😼 by RLinda on TradingView.com

As per this analyst, XRP is in a downtrend and there has been a testing of resistance a few hours ago. The bear trend started many months ago and it has been traded inside this channel for several weeks. The expert says that there is a liquidity zone at 0.3912 USDT, which could push the price lower if XRP reaches this price level. 

It is worth taking into consideration that there are also support levels at 0.3565 USDT and 0.34 USDT per coin. The lower boundary of this descending channel is at 0.30 USDT and it could reach that level if Bitcoin and the whole crypto market starts moving down once again. The analyst explains that the recent price action can be explained by the price recovering to the descending channel and testing its upper boundary. 

XRPUSDT Analysis (Local Vision) by trytofeelpositive on TradingView.com

When it comes to XRP/USDT, this analyst believes that there are two main targets for this virtual currency. These two targets include 0.38 USDT and 0.42 USDT in the coming weeks. As he explains, after the first target is reached, it is important to move the stop loss to breakeven. 

He has also drawn different support and resistance levels in the chart. These resistance levels include 0.33 USDT, 0.35 USDT 0.38 USDT and 0.40 USDT. Now, support levels include 0.30 USDT and 0.28 USDT. It would be very important for XRP to stay above these price levels if it wants to recover from its lows. 

It would also be very important to understand what could happen with virtual currencies. Indeed, Bitcoin is leading the market. If it continues to move lower, unfortunately, other digital assets such as XRP would follow the same trend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Created Ripple?

Ripple was created by Ripple Labs Inc, a US-based tech company. The idea was conceived by Jed McCaleb and initially built with the help of Arthur Britto and David Schwartz.

When Was Ripple Launched?

Ripple was released in 2o12 and launched in 2013.

Is Ripple Decentralized?

Ripple is centralized even though its executives claim its decentralized. According to Matt McKibbin, a blockchain expert, “Ripple is centralized. It’s basically a way for banks and large financial institutions to trade on a distributed ledger.”

Is Ripple Proof of Stake? 

Ripple doesn’t use proof of stake or proof of work consensus but a consensus protocol that helps validate account balances and transactions on the system.

Is Ripple a Good Investment?

For investors that are looking for excellent investment under $1, XRP is a great option. This currency isn’t your typical digital currency, as Ripple is working on revolutionizing ways in which money is transferred.

Will Ripple go up? 

There is growing interest going on among financial institutions as they stand to gain the most by partnering with Ripple. More attention is good for the price of the native currency XRP, and we can expect to see its price increase in the long run. 

Where to buy Ripple?

Before buying XRP, ensure you have a safe place to store your coins. That means getting an excellent hardware wallet e.g., Ledger Nano X, Edge, Trezor, etc. The next step is finding an XRP exchange where you can buy XRP with fiat, exchange BTC for XRP or purchase it through a fund.

You can buy XRP using a credit/debit card on eToro, Coinmama, CEX.io, Binance, and Coinbase. Buy XRP using wire transfer on eToro, CEX.io, and Coinbase.

Buy XRP using SEPA transfer on Coinmama and CEX.io.

On eToro, you can also buy XRP indirectly through a trading fund. You can also buy BTC and exchange for XRP on platforms like Binance, Kraken, and Bitstamp.

One of the best ways to purchase XRP is through Binance. This is one of the largest exchanges in the world and it supports XRP price against different virtual currencies. Indeed, XRP is considered a base currency on this platform. If you want to buy Ripple because you see XRP price moving higher, then Binance could be one of the best solutions. 

Is Ripple Dead?

Unlike many coins that have come and gone due to a lack of real case uses, XRP is here to stay. Judging from the interest of banks and other financial institutions, we don’t believe Ripple is going anywhere soon. 

Ripple is not a death project. XRP price has been moving higher in recent months and it could continue doing so in the future. We should closely follow how Ripple will behave and how this could influence the price of the XRP virtual currency. Despite claiming they are not connected to XRP in any way, Ripple has a clear influence on XRP price and how the currency works.

 Is Ripple Better Than Bitcoin? 

Nope, but comparing the two platforms is not fair given that both are used for different purposes. Bitcoin was developed to pay for services and goods, but Ripple was created for banks and payment networks to serve as a currency exchange, payment system, or money transfer system. 

XRP price shows that the currency is not more valuable than Bitcoin. Indeed, Bitcoin is the most valuable virtual currency in the world. However, XRP is used for different things such as international transfers and financial transactions. Bitcoin could be used as a store of value rather than as a coin to perform fast and cheap transactions.

 Will Ripple Fail? 

In the short term, it’s highly unlikely Ripple will fail.

As we mentioned before, Ripple could be very difficult to bring down. Indeed, after the issue that the company has faced with the SEC, XRP shows it is a resilient digital asset and that it can sustain a lot of pressure from media attacking the project at all times. 

However, we cannot guarantee the project will prosper. We need to be focused on the main goal behind the XRP digital asset and how Ripple could use it to make international transfers faster, cheaper and easier for financial institutions and individuals.

Eric is a cryptocurrency writer and editor. He has written on emerging technologies for over seven years, and has accrued over 2 million page views. He also runs the paid Coin Agora community. He is currently working on his first novel, which involves a cryptocurrency start-up.

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