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YouTube Takes Action To Stop XRP Crypto Scammers from Hacked Channel

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Popular YouTuber DidYouKnowGaming restored control of his channel after an unidentified bad player hijacked it to spread XRP cryptocurrency frauds.

While breaking into YouTube channels to promote scams has long been a common strategy for preying on unsuspecting investors, more creators on the platform are now reporting hacks. DidYouKnowGaming, a YouTuber with 2.4 million subscribers, most recently alerted his Twitter followers to a hack.

As demonstrated below, once the hacker gained access to the account, they replaced the YouTuber’s profile and cover images with the Ripple logo.

Due to YouTube’s prompt response, they were able to prevent XRP hackers from engaging with subscribers, thus minimizing any potential damage. It has come to light that Linus Tech Tips, who is one of the most prominent YouTube creators, reported a recent loss of access to his channels.

Despite the fact that the exploit the hackers used to access YouTube accounts is still unknown, the target YouTubers have always been able to regain their accounts and any deleted content.

As “deepfakes,” or fabricated impersonation videos generated by artificial intelligence (AI) tools, continue to proliferate, the threat they pose to cryptocurrency investors cannot be understated.

Hackers frequently produce deepfakes of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, and other executives to mislead cryptocurrency investors.

Concerns intensified after the Chinese tech powerhouse Tencent introduced a new deepfakes creation tool that allows users to impersonate anyone for $145 or 1,000 yuan.

Tencent will use the service to host live-streamed infomercials for the Chinese market.

YouTube is used by crypto investors all over the world to learn about and conduct research on the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 industries.

Table of Contents


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