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0xHunter – A Follow-Up NFT Series of 0xVampire

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While many new NFT projects are popping up these days, some of the more exciting collections are follow-ups that expand upon their earlier success. 

The team behind 0xVampire is launching their highly anticipated second collection, 0xHunter, this week. The exciting part? Aside from the artwork, 0xHunter is an expansion that helps further build out the project’s metaverse ambitions (aptly named 0xVerse).

Understanding the 0xHunter Fight Against 0xVampire

Within the 0xVerse, you can either choose to side with the 0xVampires or the 0xHunters. The original collection of 0xVampires included 9,999 randomly generated vampire-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which sold out in under two minutes. On launch day, OpenSea data shows that the average sell price of each 0xVampire NFT was 0.2897 ETH, nearly 5x their mint price of 0.06 ETH. Since then, the project has generated nearly 2,500 ETH in secondary sales volume.

Of course, purchasing your own 0xVampire is still an option as there are almost 2,100 available listings on OpenSea. Although you’ll pay a premium beyond their original mint price (the current floor is north of 0.07 ETH), you’ll be able to choose the 0xVampire that suits your style. 

With the 0xHunter collection launching this week (presale starts on Wednesday, October 27th at 3PM UTC, and public sale starts on October 29th at 3PM UTC), collectors have an even more affordable entry point at the 0.06 ETH mint price. Plus, since all minted NFTs are unrevealed, collectors have a chance at getting rarer 0xHunters. 

This collection, however, will be a bit smaller with a max supply of just 8,888 NFTs. 0xHunters are derived from more than 200 different traits, adding immense variety to their collection.  

As the 0xVirus spreads, it’ll be up to collectors to decide where their allegiances lie before entering the 0xVerse.  

Roadmap & Initiatives

To provide holders with utility beyond the artwork, the 0xVampire team is developing a staking solution for each NFT in their collections. By staking 0xVampires and/or 0xHunters, holders are rewarded with $0x tokens that can be used in the 0xVerse and are redeemable for future NFT collections and branded merchandise. 

The 0xVampire team will also be utilizing a portion of its aftermarket royalties towards charitable donations, a DAO, and a dedicated community wallet where holders will vote on future initiatives. 

Perhaps the most exciting item on their roadmap coming up is their play-to-earn mobile game. 0xHunter and 0xVampire holders will receive extra benefits while playing the game but it’ll still be free-to-play for anyone, making it completely accessible to all users.  

Distributed Team, Diverse Experiences

The decentralized nature of crypto has made it easier than ever for projects to capture talent across the globe. The team behind 0xVampires is distributed across the United States, Europe and also Asia, and they carry a wide range of experiences in different industries, including finance, banking, IT, cybersecurity, gaming and art, among others. 

Rapid & Sustained Growth

When 0xVampire first launched, it quickly amassed 30,000 members in its Discord in just three days. Now, nearly two months in, the project has a loyal fanbase of over 70,000 users. 

Members have stayed engaged thanks to the project’s community initiatives, and holders have enjoyed being able to interact with their NFTs since 0xVampire is one of the first collections to allow owners the ability to fully customize the name and descriptions of their NFTs. 

Consistent fulfilment of their roadmap has also been another reason behind the strong 0xVampire community. Other projects tend to stall on milestones while 0xVampire lives up to its promises and adds new updates that better serve its holders. 

With the 0xHunter collection launching this week and their play-to-earn mobile game already in the development process, the 0xVampire project and the 0xVerse have a bright future ahead. 

You can learn more about the project by following them on Twitter and Discord.

Table of Contents


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