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10X Research Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit New All-Time Highs Before Halving

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As Bitcoin’s fourth mining reward halving approaches on April 19th, the founder at 10X Research is forecasting a potential surge in the cryptocurrency’s price, with expectations set on surpassing its previous all-time high (ATH) of around $69,000.

Markus Thielen emphasizes the bullish sentiment surrounding the halving, noting that Bitcoin typically establishes an upward trend well ahead of the event. With Bitcoin currently trading around $52,000, he projects a potential rally to $69,000 or higher before the halving event, based on past performance and market dynamics.

Historical Patterns And Technical Indicators Point To Bullish Momentum

The optimism stems from a convergence of factors, including historical data, technical analysis indicators, and current market trends. Historical patterns reveal that Bitcoin tends to rally significantly in the eight weeks leading up to halving events, with average gains of 32%. This surge is driven by the reduction in the pace of supply expansion by 50%, generating increased scarcity and driving up prices.

Institutional Interest And Inflows Signal Growing Confidence In BTC

Supporting this outlook is the strong inflow of traditional finance players into Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), indicating growing interest and confidence in the cryptocurrency among institutional investors. These regulated investment vehicles provide investors with exposure to Bitcoin without the need for direct ownership and storage of coins.

RSI Suggests Potential Price Gains Despite Being Overbought

Despite reaching the 80 mark on the RSI, typically indicating an overbought condition in Bitcoin’s price, Thielen views this as a positive signal. Past instances of similar RSI levels have often preceded significant price gains, with an average increase of 54% in the following 60 days.

While projections suggest a potential rally to new all-time highs, past performance does not guarantee future results. External macroeconomic factors and unforeseen events could influence market dynamics and alter price trajectories. Investors are advised to conduct thorough due diligence and consider various factors before making investment decisions.

As the countdown to the halving continues, all eyes are on Bitcoin as it navigates its path toward potential new milestones and redefines the landscape of digital finance.

Table of Contents


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