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7-Eleven Stores In The Philippines To Start Selling Crypto

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All 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines will start selling Bitcoin (BTC) to users. In this way, individuals interested in entering the crypto market would be able to do so in a fast and easy way at any of these stores. The information was released by Abra in a blog post on September 18. 

7-Eleven Stores To Start Selling Crypto

According to a recent blog post released y Abra, they announce a new partnership with ECPay in order for Abra users in the Philippines to add funds to their wallets. In order to do so, individuals will be able to go to any of ECPAY’s 6,000 retail outlets in the country, including 7-Eleven stores. 

The main goal is to help users have easier access to the crypto market and purchase Bitcoin using cash in a fast and innovative way. 

Abra explained about this new partnership:

“Converting fiat currency to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies just got a whole lot easier. Now from any 7-Eleven store in the Philippines, anyone with an Abra wallet can convert cash to crypto in a few easy steps.”

In order to do so, users will have to locate a CLIQQ kiosk inside 7-Eleven stores in the country or download the CLIQQ mobile app. Users will also have to find the Abra option under the “Bills Payment” category and fulfil all the requested fields. 

After it, individuals will have to add the amount to deposit in the Abra wallet. The minimum deposit is currently PHP500 (~$9.57), and the maximum amount is PHP 100,000 (~$1,913) per day. Each transaction has a 2% commission. 

The funds will be added in one or two business days and it would allow Abra users to directly purchase Bitcoin through the application. 

Abra has also informed that they are going to be announcing new exciting things in the coming weeks with the goal of “making money easier.”

As we reported a few days ago, two popular Lithuanian chains are starting to sell coupons that would allow users to exchange them for Bitcoin through an online platform. Individuals can simply pay with euros to have access to the cryptocurrency market at every single Lithuanian Press kiosk or Narvesen stores. 

Paris Tabacs were among the first shops around the world selling Bitcoin to users in the form of coupons or tickets. The firm behind this initiative is the French group Keplerk. 

Table of Contents


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