Airfio ICO successful launch - Airfio Crowdsale successful launch with interesting crypto products built with AI

Airfio Crowdsale successful launch with interesting crypto products built with AI

Following the successful move of Pre-ICO on November 20, 2017, Airfio has launched its ICO on December 05, 2017 with massive crowd of investors. The event would continue for a month, commencing from December 05, 2017 and ending on January 03, 2018. The ARF coin value begins at $0.55, eventually increasing to $1.00 on the final day.  There will be total of 09 Million tokens released during ICO wherein 0.3 Million tokens are set for sale everyday.

What is Airfio?

Airfio is crypto startup, integrating the Artificial intelligence & blockchain technology to bring advancement in cryptocurrency market. AI in crypto banking makes transaction quicker, faster and seamless where blockchain technology ensures immediate transformation of user’s funds. The platform aims at creating borderless transactions through application of machine learning.

Nonetheless, the application and system that is designed by Airfio is based on machine learning and is set to launch in market with an ICO.

AI/ANN and Blockchain Technology

Current market trend anticipates what crypto banking could be if there is an advancement to decentralized market hence, Airfio.

It is however based on two advanced concepts, Neuron Networks and Blockchain technology. The combination of these two approaches can be something more innovative that every investor/banks/firms would ever expect.

Artificial intelligence / Neural networks: In simple term, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the emerging technology that integrate human intelligence with a computer-controlled robot. The process creates smart human thinking mechanism.

Blockchain Technology: Blockchain is the distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is backed by operation of independently performed cryptocurrency. It simplifies the transaction process and enable users to deploy ledger without the third-party assistant.

Why AI in crypto market is important?

Empowering people across is as important as adopting the newest technology. Neural language in blockchain mechanism depicts and indorses the crypto market of the future.

Here are few reasons why AI is significant to use in cryptomarket

  • AI technology defines customer experience, move up productivity and cut down the cost
  • This technology is featured with robust ecosystem which contains increased intelligence
  • Since it involves machine learning process, AI defines smart approach to resolve user’s query quickly and efficiently
  • Adoption of big data approach in AI can create satisfactory environment since it counts individual behavior of customers.
  • It regulates and rationalizes the way system gathers information and interacts with users via its advanced analytical slant.
Airfio’s few advanced applications/products

Mobile application: This application is most commonly known as the Miner’s application which is involved in mining process where mining can be managed through mobile servers. This product is further featured with API which is to be offered to merchants. One who integrates this, will have ARF tokens as reward.

Wallets: Airfio is the first ever company that is introducing smart crypto wallet where a person/human recognition system is proposed to implement that serve his authentication even if the documentation is not available (by which they used to access to account).

Assistant App: This application is user’s personal assistant that is based on artificial intelligence and neural networks. It is an advanced application which predicts user’s future financial requirement by analyzing what typically he looks around.

He/she can get what time is best to earn, which source is better to invest in and subsequently current and future market statistical data. It can also reminds users about their monthly payoffs, reminder to multiple access to his account (from different IP or server), investment tips and much more.

Beside these products, SDK, Prepaid card, Merchant’s application, ATM machines, Kiosk machines are the other advancement of Airfio.

ARF free token earning programs

Airfio Growth opportunities

  1. Invitee income – Invite and earn Two tokens
  2. Referral program – Refer user and earn levels of tokens
  3. Bounty Campaign – Participate, Claim and earn ARF tokens (with respect to task)
  4. Lending program – Lend your funds, store in a wallet and earn commission
  5. Staking program – Staking tokens makes you earn surplus profit and releasing staken coins at later time
  6. Manager income – Increase your first level referrals and earn highest level commission
  7. Gratuity income – You can also earn commission when your first and second level referrals reached certain amount of ARF investment and earn their returns.

Airfio’s campaign embraces stirring social programs including facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk and many other. Specified tokens are allotted for each activity, once a customer claims the task, ARF tokens will be credited to his account after token sale. (Task is subjected to admin’s approval).

More about ARF free token earning program:

Secret Surplus earning programs of Airfio

Beside free token earning programs, Airfio has specialized programs where the registered user can earn surplus income on their investment.

  • Lending program
  • Staking program
  • Manager Income
  • Gratuity Income

Details about surplus earning programs goes here:

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