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ARK Invest and 21Shares Collaborate to Launch Digital Asset ETF Suite

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ARK Invest, led by renowned pro-Bitcoin investor Cathie Wood, is joining forces with 21Shares, a provider of exchange-traded products (ETPs), to introduce a new series of digital asset exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This initiative aims to expand investment options for those interested in incorporating digital assets into their portfolios.

The partnership between ARK Invest and 21Shares leverages their combined experience and expertise in the cryptocurrency domain. They plan to use on-chain signals to guide their investment strategies, focusing on long-term capital appreciation. The primary instruments for these ETFs will be Bitcoin and Ether futures contracts.

The companies have announced the upcoming launch of five distinct ETF products, which are set to begin trading next week. These ETFs will be listed on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), providing investors with a new avenue to engage with digital assets.

One of the key points highlighted by the companies is that these ETFs will not offer direct investment in spot Bitcoin (BTC). They emphasize that investors seeking direct exposure to BTC’s price should consider alternative investment vehicles. This distinction is crucial for investors to understand the nature of their investments in these ETFs.

In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum futures, the suite includes a unique product named the ARK 21Shares Blockchain and Digital Economy Innovation ETF. This ETF is designed to invest in public equities of companies actively involved in the blockchain industry, offering what 21Shares describes as “holistic exposure” to the growth and development of blockchain technology.

The launch of these ETFs comes at a time when the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears to be more open to considering Bitcoin ETF filings. Bloomberg analysts James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas speculate that the SEC might have an opportunity to approve up to 12 ETF filings. They suggest that if the SEC decides to endorse the concept, all these filings could potentially receive approval. However, they also caution that this remains a possibility and is not yet a certainty. The launch of these ETFs by ARK Invest and 21Shares marks a significant step in widening access to digital assets for a broader range of investors.

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