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Avalanche (AVAX), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and VC Spectra (SPCT) Set to Rally This Month

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The current bear market in crypto shows no signs of ending any time soon. However, crypto analysts have zeroed in on the tokens they believe are the top altcoins poised to rally this month: Avalanche (AVAX), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and VC Spectra (SPCT)

Let’s take a deep dive into why that is the case. Moreover, which of these top altcoins is the best crypto to buy in October?



  • Avalanche (AVAX) is set to rally above $10 this month. 
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) might surpass $0.0000080 this month. 
  • VC Spectra (SPCT) delivers 450% ROI during the presale.

Avalanche (AVAX) Price Accumulates For a Potential Breakout in a Choppy Market

Korean entertainment giant Dreamus launched its NFT-based K-Pop tickets on the Avalanche (AVAX) network on September 21. The following day, Cenoa, built on Avalanche (AVAX), became a part of Mastercard’s Start Path Program.

Then, Google Cloud’s data warehouse expanded to include Avalanche (AVAX) and other blockchains on September 23. More so, these events were followed by AVAX staking becoming available on the Crypto.com App on September 27. 

These massive developments have helped the Avalanche AVAX price to withstand the crypto bear market and even rise slightly. The Avalanche AVAX price was $9.06 on September 21. Since then, the Avalanche AVAX price rose by 5.1% and to trade at $9.55 on October 2.

Based on these factors, the expert’s Avalanche AVAX price prediction is for it to rally above $10 this month. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Prepares For Takeoff as Shibarium Crosses The 3.25 Million Milestone

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) price has been suffering in the current crypto market. Despite the price action, positive SHIB news has been constant. On September 21, in a major SHIB news, Welly, the Italian food giant, announced a partnership with Shiba Inu. This SHIB news was followed by the integration of Shiba Inu into LaborX on the same day. 

According to the latest on-chain data from Shibariumscan, Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) network has crossed 3.25 million transactions. There are more than 1.25 million wallets on the Shibarium network as well.

These factors have resulted in Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) price trading sideways in a strong bear market. The Shiba Inu (SHIB) price on September 21 was $0.0000075. From there, Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) price has dropped by only 1.3% to trade at $0.0000074 on October 2. 

The strength shown by Shiba Inu (SHIB) has given massive belief to crypto experts about its impending surge. Their SHIB price prediction is for Shiba Inu to go past $0.0000080 this month. 

VC Spectra (SPCT) Rides The Wave of Utility and Profitability to New Heights

VC Spectra (SPCT) combines the decentralized nature of blockchains with the ease of investments in hedge funds. It operates as a community-driven and decentralized venture capitalist hedge fund and trading platform built on the Ethereum network. VC Spectra specializes in investing in the best blockchain ICO and new DeFi projects at an early discounted stage. 

The VC Spectra platform leverages AI and uses smart contacts to revolutionize fintech. There are no barriers to entry to VC Spectra, including geographical, technical, or financial. The platform also provides its users with advanced data analytics to help them make informed investment choices. 

The SPCT token serves as the governance taken for the VC Spectra platform. It is being sold in a public presale through multiple stages. Currently, the SPCT token is in Stage 3 of the presale at a price of $0.044 per token

The price of the SPCT token has surged unexpectedly during this presale stage due to high demand. Once the presale ends, experts foresee the SPCT token to exceed its predicted price of $0.080 per token, meaning current buyers will earn an 82% return

As a result, due to increased demand and past performance, experts predict VC Spectra (SPCT) will surge again this month. 

Learn more about the VC Spectra presale here:

Presale: https://invest.vcspectra.io/login

Website: https://vcspectra.io 

Telegram: https://t.me/VCSpectra

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spectravcfund

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